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7 Skills Every Manager should Possess

Love for Learning

Every top management potential should have the ability and the penchant to learn.  Lack of learning kills one’s potential to forge on and chart into new territories or do new things in old territories.  This type of learning is what our MBA degrees are expected to lay foundations for.  Unfortunately, once the Ghanaian gets the MBA degree it only becomes a paper to just to earn promotion or recognition at the workplace.  A simple analysis of the industry they work in becomes a jail term.  To develop into a top management material and to stay there continuous learning is key.  In order to disseminate information, the manager should be able to make sense of it first, and then break it down to assimilable units, which brings us to the next attribute.

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Henry Cobblah

Henry Cobblah is a Tech Developer, Entrepreneur, and a Journalist. With over 15 Years of experience in the digital media industry, he writes for over 7 media agencies and shows up for TV and Radio discussions on Technology, Sports and Startup Discussions.

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