Barcelona deny hiring firm to attack Messi on social media

Barcelona have denied hiring a firm to produce disparaging social media posts aimed at its own players such as Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique.

You need to be able to condense what you want to say in few words and still be consistent and engaging. You also need to be able to adapt your writing for different social media platforms. Here are 7 simple tips to writing excellent marketing posts on social media. The post will give you key suggestions to help you write fantastic and engaging marketing posts on social media.

1. Use a casual tone.

The first thing to decide is choose what your brand voice will be like to best reflect your values. As such, you don’t want to be as formal as your website even if you’re a serious brand with a mature, corporate audience. People follow your business on social media to connect instead of just consulting your website.

This being said, each platform should have a slightly different voice, with a platform like Facebook being more casual than LinkedIn or even Twitter. However, the main thing to note is to stay away from wordy and lengthy sentences, business jargon, and long or complex words when there are shorter, more casual alternatives.

2. Stay short and sweet.

Studies have shown that people’s interest fades when they are faced with a long post, so avoid going over 40-50 characters, even on Facebook. Thus, Social media is not the place to put complex stories or deep insights. George Fuller, a social media writer at Boomessays and Academized, says that “you can introduce and link to a story or blog, but by no means should you be copy pasting it on Facebook. You should also use video or emoji to reflect the point you’re trying to share, and make your text content a teaser for a graphic, link, or image.”

3. Use informal, personal language.

Thirdly, people will be much more engaged and connected to your brand if you post using personal terms like “we,” “I,” and “you” instead of “the client” or “the company”. Write your post as if it was directed to only one person and you’ll see that it resonates well with people.

4. Write for your target audience.

Also, it pays to be really familiar with your target audience because if your posts aren’t written with them in mind, you won’t reach the engagement levels you would otherwise. Hence, create a buyer persona which reflects your typical target market. Think about what their lifestyle, values, and interests might be, and you’ll find it’s much easier to write for them once you understand the kind of people you’re writing to. Use terms that will mean more to the people in that demographic.

5. Include a CTA (Call To Action).

Every time you write a social media post for your brand you need to think of your CTA. Even though you shouldn’t be constantly promoting a product, you should have a certain CTA, whether it’s to send them to your blog, look at an instructional video, join a community conversation, or go to an event. Accordingly, Thomas Albright, a marketer at Ukwritings and StudentWritingServices, suggests that you “be exciting and direct with a CTA, often by asking a meaningful question and inviting your audience to take action. Don’t put too much information or requests for action in one post as you will lose engagement.”

6. Don’t forget about your replies.

Posting on social media is only half the social media engagement task. You can’t forget the importance of writing excellent replies to your followers. Likewise, you should have a consistent approach, whether it’s being playful and fun with fans, or answering questions matter-of-factly and straight to the point. This tone should be in line with the rest of your social media presence so your audience knows what to expect. Don’t forget to be polite, friendly, and most of all informative, even if you’re passing on the client to the support team they should still know this.

7. Review your posts for spelling and grammar.

No matter how fun or casual your posts are, you still need to have impeccable spelling and grammar. Spelling mistakes make your brand look bad and give your followers the idea that you’re rushed or not invested in communicating with them. Take the time to re-read your content before you post it and don’t hesitate to ask someone else to review it before posting.

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