Adventure ahead

What if whatever happened, just happened? What if you didn’t have to fight against it?

Would it be so terrible to lose what you have if you still had the opportunity to build something new, something potentially even better? Is it really so important, so necessary to hang on so tightly to everything?

Sometimes, often in fact, what you have will prevent you from moving on ahead to what you can be. What if you had the confidence to move decisively toward what you can be? How would that look? What would you do right now?

Adventure awaits. There are memories in your past, but adventure does not linger there, not even for a few moments.

Adventure is always ahead. Go get it, and go live it.

— Ralph Marston

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Henry Cobblah

Henry Cobblah is a Tech Developer, Entrepreneur, and a Journalist. With over 15 Years of experience in the digital media industry, he writes for over 7 media agencies and shows up for TV and Radio discussions on Technology, Sports and Startup Discussions.

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