Ahmadiyya leader emphasises importance of peace ahead of December polls

During a prayer service commemorating Eid ul-Adha in Wa, the Ahmadiya leader praised the country's tradition of coming together in times of difficulty to maintain peace

Maulvi Chaudhry Masroor Muzafar Ahmad Sahib, the regional missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in the Upper West Region has underscored the importance of peace and unity in Ghana.

During a prayer service commemorating Eid ul-Adha in Wa, he praised the country’s tradition of coming together in times of difficulty to maintain peace.

Maulvi Chaudhry emphasised that while Ahmadiyya does not endorse any political party, individual political affiliations should never compromise the peace of the nation.

“Individuals may have their party affiliations, but these should not destabilize the country’s peace. I urge my brothers and sisters to remember that peace is crucial. Our political aims should not destroy our peace,” he added.

He also prayed for the country’s leaders, asking that Almighty Allah grant them the wisdom to continue fostering peace and stability.

“May the Almighty Allah grant wisdom to our political leaders to sustain peace in the country,” he said.

As the nation prepares for the upcoming December elections, Maulvi Chaudhry Masroor Ahmed Shahid emphasised the importance of peace before, during, and after the election.

He stressed that religion teaches peace, and without peace, no country or society can achieve development.

“As we approach our elections, this Eid reminds us that the fear of God requires sincerity towards our country. The peace we have enjoyed for years must be maintained for progress to continue.”

Maulvi Chaudhry’s message extended beyond the Muslim community, recognizing that voters and supporters come from various religious backgrounds, including Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Pagans.

“The one God teaches us unity among His creation. Our goals for developing the country should not disrupt our faith or destroy our nation’s peace.”

He called on religious leaders to educate their followers on maintaining peace and avoiding violence, emphasizing that peace is crucial for national development.

Addressing concerns about potential unrest from religious groups, he expressed confidence that true Muslim leadership does not advocate for violence.

“My supporters come from different political parties, but when they gather in the mosque or at religious programs, they sit together in unity. This example of harmony should be seen across society. Political affiliations should not breed hatred among us.”

Highlighting the Ahmadiyya community’s example, he noted, “In our gatherings, we see leaders from NPP, NDC, CPP, and other parties coming together. When it comes to religious and national matters, we unite. This is the practice that all Muslims should adopt.”

Maulvi Chaudhry also called on those capable of performing the sacrificial rites of Eid Ul Adha to remember the poor and needy, ensuring they too can partake in the celebration.

He stressed that acts of kindness and generosity are essential aspects of the faith, helping to strengthen community bonds.

“Every year we celebrate Eid, and the essence of this celebration is not the meat or the blood of the sacrificed animals, but the fear of God that resides in our hearts,” Maulvi Chaudhry stated.

“If that fear and devotion are not present, then the sacrifice loses its meaning. We must implement the teachings of Hazrat Ismail and ensure our actions reflect our faith.”

Eid al-Adha commonly translated as the Feast of Sacrifice is the second of the two main Islamic holidays alongside Eid al-Fitr.

Reporting by El Samuel in the Upper West Region 

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