“Amewu’s magic” will be replicated in Akatsi North next election, says DCE

Akatsi North since its inauguration in 2012 has continually voted for the National Democratic Congress (NDC)

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Akatsi North Constituency is hopeful of snatching the Parliamentary seat in the opposition stronghold for the party in the 2024 general elections.

Akatsi North since its inauguration in 2012 has continually voted for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and its candidate, Peter Nortsu-Kotoe as Member of Parliament (MP).

Dr Prince Sodoke Amuzu, the District Chief Executive (DCE) for the area, however, in a speech at an NPP stakeholders’ interaction at Ave Dakpa congratulated the Executives for their good works from the registration exercise through to the elections last month and declared 2024 as the time for “Akatsi North NPP MP.”

The meeting, which had in attendance, past and present constituency executives formed part of the agenda to lay out plans for the next four years ahead in a bid to realise the party’s ambitious target of an NPP MP for the area.

Dr Amuzu told the Constituency, the campaign for a decisive 2024 win for the party had started from the day President Nana Akufo-Addo was inaugurated on 7 January and called on all for prayers so they could achieve their individual aspirations, pull resources together and with unity of purpose, work to let the “Amewu magic” be fulfilled.

“We shall win the Akatsi North parliamentary election in 2024, trust me. And that work starts today. We should not wait till its election time again before we start running around looking for votes. We need unity and more so unity of purpose to make a win of our constituency going forward. The 2020 election results are a product of our unity of purpose, developmental projects according to what the communities demanded and the hard work we all put in the campaign.

“I am available to assist anyone who believe I can be of help. There are many opportunities across the country and we should widen our search and quest for appointments beyond the DCE position so that in the end we can get more slots for our development as a constituency,” he assured the party stakeholders.

Simon Peter Ofosu, the NPP 2020 parliamentary candidate for Akatsi North got a total of 4,575 votes representing 31.89% as against Nortsu-Kotoe’s 9,770 votes representing 68.11%, an improvement on the party’s 2016 electoral fortunes where NPP’s Dr Amuzu had 1,379 votes (10.7%) and Nortsu-Kotoe, 11,482 (89.3%).

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