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Angry constituents chase out Alima Mahama as she seeks re-election

Alima Mahama

The MP for Nalerigu-Gambaga, Hajia Alima Mahama, was given a hostile reception during her latest visit to her constituency. The MP visited on Thursday to rally support for the coming parliamentary elections, but aggrieved youth from the community reportedly decided to chase her out of town.

The 62-year-old legislator was in the company of the Deputy Regional Minister for the North-East, the municipal chief executive for East Mamprusi and Kate Gyamfua, national women’s organiser of the NPP.

Promises unkept

Abubakari Wasiwu, one of the aggrieved young men, said they decided to chase out the MP and her entourage because of the numerous promises she has not fulfilled.

Nalerigu-Gambaga has seen very little development since Hajia Mahama was elected, Wasiwu said. He said the youth had given her a hostile reception and chased her out to express their unhappiness with her performance so far.

Hajia Alima Mahama doubles as the Minister for Local Government and Rural Development.

“She made a whole lot of promises before she was elected. And ever since she was elected up until today, we never heard from her.

Return to sender

“She has not been able to execute any of the promises she made. Nothing has happened until she returned yesterday,” Wasiwu told Citi FM.

“So we are also saying that once she made a promise, left and never returned again without any information on what was going on and it’s time for re-election, we are fed up.

“Once she doesn’t want us, we also don’t want her. But what happened was that once she arrived, they [angry youth] began crossing her with woods for her to return.

“So that was what they did and she sped off.”

No violence

Meanwhile, the municipal chief executive for East Mamprusi, Baba Danladi, said the incident had not led to any violence and did not chase out the MP.

He said that some of the angry youth protested about the poor state of roads in the constituency, but that was as far as they had gone.

“We got to that community and after we engaged the people, a group of angry youth came around asking us if we had seen their roads,” the MCE said.

“And we said yes because people were telling us about their roads. But nothing of violence did happen. I am saying this based on what I saw there.”

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