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Article: Ghana’s youth must take centre stage in our development: A case of “Buzstop Boys”

Supporters of the "Buzstop Boys" have provided them with essential tools, gadgets, and equipment to aid in their clean-up efforts

In recent years, a remarkable group of young individuals known as the “Buzstop Boys” have emerged with a common and commendable goal: to ensure that Accra remains clean and healthy for all its inhabitants.

This initiative, driven by passion and a sense of civic duty, has captured the attention and support of notable figures and institutions, highlighting the transformative potential of Ghanaian youth in national development.

The Genesis of Buzstop Boys

The Buzstop Boys began as a small group of determined young men who saw the need to address the sanitation challenges in Accra.

Their mission was simple yet profound: to clean up the city and educate the public on the importance of maintaining a clean environment.


This grassroots movement quickly gained momentum, drawing support from celebrities like Reggie Rockstone and Shatta Wale, as well as various corporate bodies and individual philanthropists.

These supporters provided the Buzstop Boys with essential tools, gadgets, and equipment to aid in their clean-up efforts.

Impact and achievements

Equipped with speakers and microphones, the Buzstop Boys have not only engaged in physical clean-up activities but also embarked on educational campaigns.

They use their platform to teach communities about the dangers of indiscriminate waste disposal and the importance of discipline in waste management.

This dual approach of action and education has amplified their impact, fostering a culture of cleanliness and responsibility among the citizens.

Their initiative has also created job opportunities for themselves and many volunteers who have joined their cause.

y transforming what began as a voluntary service into a structured and impactful movement, the Buzstop Boys have shown how youth-led initiatives can address critical societal issues while generating employment.

Call for support and collaboration

The success of the Buzstop Boys underscores the need for greater support and collaboration from both governmental and non-governmental entities.

Zoomlion, a major waste management company in Ghana, should not only acknowledge the efforts of these young men but also seek to partner with them.

Such a partnership could enhance the effectiveness of waste management strategies across the city.

The government, particularly the Ministry of Sanitation, should engage the Buzstop Boys in President Akufo-Addo’s vision of making Accra the cleanest city in Africa.

By integrating youth-led initiatives into national sanitation plans, the government can leverage the energy, creativity, and commitment of young people to achieve sustainable development goals.

A message to the youth

The story of the Buzstop Boys serves as an inspiring example for idle youth across Ghana. It highlights the immense opportunities that lie in being innovative and proactive.

The youth must recognize their potential as agents of change and take on patriotic roles in the nation’s development.

By stepping away from being mere spectators and actively participating in solving community issues, young people can drive significant progress and leave a lasting legacy.

In conclusion, the Buzstop Boys have demonstrated that with determination, creativity, and community support, the youth can play a pivotal role in national development.

Their journey is a testament to what can be achieved when young people take center stage in addressing the challenges facing their society.

It is imperative that we continue to support and nurture such initiatives, ensuring that the vibrancy and ingenuity of our youth are harnessed for the greater good of Ghana.

John Bart Addo

The writer is the secretary of the Columbus, Ohio chapter of the New Patriotic Party in the United States (NPP-USA)

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