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Asaase Radio’s “Ten-2-One” show now “Café995” starting 1 October

The host of Asaase Radio’s Café995, Caroline Sampson

The host of Asaase Radio’s Café995, Caroline Sampson

Asaase Radio’s mid-morning lifestyle show, Ten-2-One, is being restructured. Starting 1 October 2021, the show will air from 10am to 12 noon. It also gets a new name: Café995.

In spite of the changes to name and time belt, Café995, like Ten-2-One, will serve Asaase listeners with a great blend of tunes, entertainment and lifestyle content, interspersed with relevant information and fun facts to create a non-disruptive ambience for a productive working day.

The new Café995 will reflect Accra’s urban and lifestyle culture.

Why the redesign

The restructuring is in line with Asaase’s objective of moving forward and will ensure that the mid-morning show flows, uninterrupted by another major show, as was the case during the first year of operations.

“We’ve taken steps to redesign and optimise some of our programmes in order to deliver an even better-value offering to our cherished audience,” said Nana Otu Gyandoh, head of programmes at Asaase Radio, speaking of the need for a reorganisation.

“Over the past year, we’ve kept our listeners entertained through our lifestyle mid-morning show, Ten-2-One, and also informed through our midday Business News and Lunch News.

“We believe that these programmes should have independent time belts in order to deliver better value to our listeners. We have therefore decided to make our mid-morning lifestyle show an optimised two-hour show under a new name – Café995.

“The show will now run from 10am to 12noon,” said Gyandoh.

Caroline’s take

The host of the mid-morning show, Caroline Sampson, welcomed the restructuring. “It was expected,” she told Asaase News.

She explained that the change is necessary, “because we didn’t want to have another show interrupting ours. It’s still the same old segments, some new ones added, but you’re going to enjoy every bit of it because I’m still on it.”

Caroline also said that the revised structure will leave listeners “wanting more”.

“We’re having everything but this time shorter, and also very tight. So it leaves you wanting more, which makes you want to listen to the show the following day.

“And it’s still going to be Caroline, DJ Raennie, Solomon Ter and the rest of the crew, just a change in time, so spread the word.”

Café995 will feature the following exciting segments:

The Juice

As the name suggests, this segment will keep the Asaase audience updated with all major happenings in showbiz and entertainment circles in Ghana and beyond.

The five-minute segment will be loaded with all the scoops, lowdowns, letdowns, meltdowns and gossips in showbiz trending on all major social media platforms. Don’t miss out on The Juice!

Office Daily

Corporate executives, stay tuned in, because this segment is specially tailored for you.

You’ll learn quick, fun facts about office hacks in this segment, or, alternatively, tips on personal development.

An example: use a toothbrush or even the adhesive side of a sticky note to pick up hard-to-reach dirt and dust between the keys of your keyboard.

Brunch Bites

This segment will focus on audience engagement and listener interaction.

Voice notes will be solicited from the audience on specific topics and conversations and played during the interactive section on the show. Go ahead – share your opinions so your voice can be heard.

Play out songs

The space for all the elements in the mix that makes Café995 is at a premium. This means that every song on the show will be used as a tool rather than filler.

Even an exit will be carefully curated on the back of specific songs to create the feel of a grand exit that will leave lasting impressions on the audience.

The music selection will reflect set moods for the days of the week: Motivating Monday, Winners’ Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, and so on.

Daily themed music

Each day comes with its own theme, which will inspire the direction and genre of music to be played.

Mondays will be dedicated to the neo-soul R’n’B and hip-hop soul of the mid-1990s to early 2000s, when artistes such as Mary J Blige, Joe, Boyz II Men, Next, Alicia Keys, Case and Sade reigned, among others.

Tuesdays become our days for old school instead of “Throwback Thursday”, when all stations sound similar with their playlists.

On Wednesdays, the Asaase Radio audience will be serenaded with Afro-soul jazz, showcasing artistes such as Efya, Cina Soul, Abyna, Ria Boss and many more, as well as soul singers from across the African continent.

Thursdays will hear the best of reggae and dancehall tunes, from both local and foreign artistes. It will be called The Island Rave.

Fridays are reserved strictly for Afrobeat, so the show can connect to what is new and happening in Africa’s pop music. This will be dubbed Beats Afrique.

The African Playlist

Café995 will deliberately offer a sense of taste and trends with music from other parts of the African continent, living up to Asaase’s push to be a pan-African media outlet.

The segment will have a distinctly African Playlist to support the continental efforts to put African music on top.

Each week, three songs from the continent will be introduced; the initiative will be replicated on all entertainment programmes across the board.

Screen Time

For movie lovers, Screen Time will announce what is showing where and when: cinemas, TV, streaming services et cetera.

The segment will leverage and relate with audiences from these platforms, and spark off conversations that will inform the choices and viewing habits of audience.

Birthday Anonymous

This is a double win for you! Celebrate that special someone and win them something nice in the process.

Send in your birthday wishes between Monday and Thursday. Entries will be announced on air as shout outs and automatically entered into weekly draws on Fridays.

Your entry should capture such details as name of celebrant, birth date and place of work or their location.

Lucky winners for Birthday Anonymous will be announced on Friday and their gifts will be presented to them at a prevailing location.


And the last but not the least is Plugged. The first 30 minutes of the second hour every Thursday will be devoted to Plugged.

This is yet another vital segment of Café995. It’s designed to honour pioneers in the entertainment and lifestyle space who, in spite of their contributions, haven’t received their fair share of recognition and might have moved out of the limelight, but whose influence has served as a foundation for the industry.

Tune in to Café995 every week day and be treated by Caroline and her crew to a radio experience you won’t forget in a while.

Nana Abena Boakye-Boateng

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