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Calls for termination of Hawa Koomson’s appointment are pointless – Freddie Blay

Freddie Blay, national chairman of the NPP

National Chairman of the NPP, Freddie Blay

The national chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party, Freddie Blay, says the calls for President Akufo-Addo to terminate the appointment of the Minister for Special Development Initiatives, Mavis Hawa Koomson, in connection with a gun firing incident at a polling centre in Kasoa, Central Region, are pointless.

Blay argued that the MP fired the gun because she felt her life was under threat in the circumstances where she found herself.

“The pointless calls on the president to terminate the appointment of Honourable Hawa Koomson are absolutely needless and must be totally disregarded,” a statement by Blay said.

“Let the good people of Ghana see such enthusiasm channelled into productive discussions aimed at addressing the fundamental concerns of recklessness and provocations [by] the NDC during this [voter] registration process.

“With the unfolding evidence and facts surrounding the incident, it is clear that her actions were in self-defence to the unwarranted attacks on her and her team by masked motorists invited by the NDC to disrupt the EC registration process in her constituency,” Blay said.

Diversionary tactics

The chairman of the ruling party noted further: “Hawa Koomson is one of the calmest female representatives of the NPP in Parliament and there is no evidence of any sort that can suggest her to be a violent individual, even in the face of extreme provocation.

“Unfortunately, the NDC’s ploy to stage confusion at registration centres across the country in their quest to discredit the electoral processes and create disaffection for the NPP seems to be gaining momentum.

“However, the NPP has an obligation to its members and admirers to ensure it protects the hard-earned democratic reputation of the party,” the chairman said.

Click on the link below to read Freddie Blay’s full statement.


Wilberforce Asare

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