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Chamber of Aquaculture Ghana launches “Aquaculture Ghana” to rally industry stakeholders 

Aquaculture or fish farming is a growing business subsector in Ghana

Ghana’s Chamber of Aquaculture has launched the “Aquaculture Ghana” initiative aimed at giving aquaculture stakeholders a shared forum for networking, showcasing innovation and promoting Ghanaian aquaculture.

The event is scheduled to take place on 26 and 27 April 2023 in Accra. 

The Chamber of Aquaculture Ghana is a professional organisation, established in 2019 to promote sustainable aquaculture practices in Ghana. 

It is under the theme: “Fostering Stakeholder Collaboration for Sustainable Aquaculture Industry”.

Speaking at the launch of the event on Tuesday (6 September 2022), the chief executive officer of the chamber, Jacob Adzikah, said that aquaculture in Ghana has experienced substantial expansion over the past 20 years. However, he said, additional work must be done to make the industry more sustainable.

“The objectives of Aquaculture Ghana are: to allow stakeholders to interact and share new ideas about the aquaculture industry; promote businesses and services in the aquaculture value chain; enable stakeholders to display the latest innovative technology for the aquaculture industry; and recognise those making a difference in Ghana’s aquaculture industry,” Adzikah said.

Ministry of Fisheries

The Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, Mavis Hawa Koomson, joined leading stakeholders for the launch of the maiden Aquaculture Forum. She said aquaculture presents a viable option to complement production from marine and inland waters to meet Ghana’s rising demand for fish. 

It is envisaged that the national output of 64,000 metric tonnes of fish products in 2020 will rise to 132,710 metric tonnes in 2026. 

The shortfall presents enormous opportunities for new entrants to the business and to existing aquaculture operators to expand operations or diversify into other areas along the aquaculture value chain. 

The ministry believes that the event for April next year, spearheaded by the Chamber of Aquaculture Ghana, will provide a good platform for stakeholders to network and promote the aquaculture sector. 

Association of Ghana Industries (AGI)

The president and chief executive of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) commended the Chamber of Aquaculture Ghana for its efforts to enhance collaboration among all aquaculture stakeholders through events such as Aquaculture Ghana.

“The work done by the chamber in the past four years is remarkable and laudable,” the AGI said. “At AGI, we have learned that working in collaboration with stakeholders results in more trusted, and enduring, outcomes.

“Ghana’s aquaculture industry has a huge potential to produce enough farmed fish to augment the marine and inland fisheries that are fast depleting.

“Stakeholders in Ghana’s aquaculture industry should collaborate among themselves to grow the sector by actively participating and supporting this annual ‘Aquaculture Ghana’ event scheduled for April 2023,” the AGI said.

Event plan

The conference aspect of Aquaculture Ghana will bring all aquaculture stakeholders together to interact and share ideas on how to boost and develop Ghana’s aquaculture industry. 

The conference will also be a great opportunity for stakeholders to network and share ideas about the future of Ghana’s aquaculture industry.

Fisheries experts, regulators, industry players, investors and donors will have the opportunity to engage each other about challenges or opportunities in the industry. 


The organisers hope that the event will enable stakeholders to display the latest innovative technology and products aimed at the aquaculture industry.

The forum will also help promote active consumption of farmed fish in Ghana.

The exhibition will promote various services and products offered in the Ghanaian aquaculture industry. Exhibitors and visitors alike can participate in various social events at the exhibition.

Exhibitors at the event will also unveil innovative technologies that could help power the aquaculture industry.


The third component of the Aquaculture Ghana event is its awards.

Over the past decade, Ghana’s aquaculture industry has transformed from small beginnings to become a significant industry. Many individuals, commercial organisations, agencies and officials have worked hard to bring it to this level and will continue to work to elevate it to the next. 

The awards ceremony for Aquaculture Ghana will recognise those making or who have made a difference to the national aquaculture industry.

Caleb Ahinakwah

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