Chief Imam warns against using his name for personal gain

There had been reports that Sheikh Sharubutu owns a piece of land at Ablekuma which is the subject of a land dispute, but he has denied the claims vehemently

Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, the National Chief Imam, has chided people who seek to drag his name and office into disrepute for personal gain.

He said he has observed that some people have been using his name for their own profit.

The Chief Imam’s reaction comes after reports emerged that he is the owner of a piece of land at Ablekuma, in Accra, which is the subject of a dispute.

The report suggested that Sheikh Sharubutu intended to use the land to build a school and mosque. However, he said his office should not be used to defraud people and must be kept distant from such dubious acts.

“Don’t besmirch my name

Addressing the media this week, Sheikh Sharubutu said he knows nothing about the said land.

His office is supposed to uphold Islamic principles and serve humanity, he said, and, as such, he does not want any dirt attached to it.

“I know nothing about that piece of land. It is not mine,” the centenarian and revered cleric said in response to the reports.

“My office was not set up to defraud people or use for any dubious acts. It was built on the principles of Islam and service to humanity. 

“I don’t want any dirt attached to my name, so please desist from such,” Sheikh Sharubutu said.

Seek clarification

The Chief Imam also cautioned members of the press to do due diligence before disseminating any information about him or his office.

He said the media must first seek clarification about issues concerning him before rushing to publish them.

Sheikh Sharubutu said his advisory board is always open to clarifying issues which have a bearing on him or his office to the media.

“If you hear anything regarding my office, don’t be quick to disseminate the news. Come to me [or my advisory board] and seek clarification to verify the truth,” he said.  

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