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Churches provide critical support to the nation, I will not tax them, says Bawumia

Referring to it as the "golden age relationship," Bawumia reaffirmed his resolve to promoting collaboration between government and the church

The Vice-President of Ghana and presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, has made a significant pledge to bolster the relationship between the government and the church. This commitment was emphasized during a meeting with the clergy in the North East Region, as part of his nationwide campaign tour.

In his address, Bawumia underscored the pivotal role of the church in driving national development forward. Referring to it as the “golden age relationship,” he reaffirmed his unwavering dedication to promoting collaboration between the government and the church, a commitment he vowed to uphold should he be elected into office.

“The church is the foremost development partner of government,” declared Bawumia, emphasizing the indispensable contributions made by churches and faith-based organizations to Ghana’s societal progress. Reflecting on the profound impact of these institutions, Bawumia posed a thought-provoking question: what would Ghana be like in the absence of all the schools, universities, and hospitals established by churches and faith-based organizations?

Central to Bawumia’s campaign platform was his stance on the taxation of churches. He unequivocally expressed his belief that taxing churches was not the way forward. Instead, he advocated for a strategy of incentivization to encourage greater contributions from religious organizations. Drawing parallels with foreign development partners who receive incentives, Dr Bawumia argued that churches and faith-based organizations should similarly benefit from tax exemptions, especially when importing goods for essential projects like the construction of schools and hospitals.

Moreover, Dr Bawumia emphasized the critical role of the church in instilling moral values within society. He cautioned against neglecting this essential aspect, highlighting the potential consequences of a society devoid of strong moral guidance. Recognizing the broader implications of moral decay and the imperative to uphold ethical standards, Bawumia emphasized the need for discussions regarding the role of religious institutions in managing educational facilities.

Dr Bawumia’s pledge to nurture a golden-age relationship with the church signifies an acknowledgment of the invaluable contributions of religious institutions. By advocating for mutually beneficial policies, Bawumia aims to cultivate a harmonious partnership transcending political divides, ultimately fostering sustainable development. His promise resonates with religious communities across Ghana, signalling a potential shift towards a more collaborative and supportive relationship between the government and the church.

Reporting by Wilberforce Asare in Accra

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