Election 2024: Marketing consultant joins presidential race, promises ten million jobs in two years

Richard Sumah says he is on a mission to solve the country's unemployment challenges through agriculture and mining

More than five independent presidential candidate aspirants have shown interest in contesting in the 7 December 2024 general elections.

One of the aspirants is from Shia- a farming community in the Ho Municipality of the Volta Region.

Richard Sumah, 46, a marketing consultant is nurturing the dream of becoming Ghana’s next president.

On Friday, 14 June 2024, he launched his bid in Accra to contest the presidential slot as an independent candidate.

In a virtual engagement with some youth from the Ho Municipality after the ceremony, Sumah outlined some “beautiful ideas” which he said “God has sent him” to do for his country, Ghana.

Out of the many things he wants to do if he becomes president, is a mission to solve the country’s unemployment challenges through agriculture and mining.

According to the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), the average rate of unemployment in Ghana rose to 14.7% in the first three quarters of 2023.

However, the number of unemployed youth aged between 15 and 35 rose from about 1.2 million to over 1.3 million during the same period with the rate among females consistently higher than males.

The report by GSS also indicated that the number of unemployed youth in 2022 only saw a dip in the second quarter of last year, 2023.

This is what Richard hopes to solve. According to him, he will “Invest in 16 million small businesses across the 16 regions within six months and create a minimum of 10 million Jobs within two years” he told the youth.

On job creation in the agriculture sector, he wants to initiate “Ghana Farmers Brigade, to establish huge commercial state farms across the 16 regions to be managed by the engineering wing of the Ghana Armed Forces which will serve as the raw material base for industries” he hopes this area will create a huge number of jobs for many Ghanaians.

In the technical and vocational sector, he hopes to “Establish the Ghana Builders Corp made up of hard skills manpower base carpenters, masons, steel benders, plumbers, electricians, tillers, painters which will serve as the tool for our basic infrastructure development it will be a paramilitary agency that will be managed by the engineering wing of the Ghana Army”.

He added that he will “Establish The People Mineral Mining Cooperation in partnership with the private sector to enable us to extract our minerals and merge all galamsayers into one single entity”.

Apart from this, he has visions to encourage self-employment through flexible credit facilities, saying ” (I will) improve access to credit with low interest rates for small and medium enterprises to catalyze producing and empowering more entrepreneurs through venture capital system”.

These and many more things Richard wants to initiate in the country when he’s given the mandate.

Some youths asked if this was possible. He answered, “It is doable” adding that, he was sent by God to redeem the country from what he described as the archaic mindset of the people.

He also believes that the monetization of politics can be changed and a young man like him full of visions for the country without money can become a president.

According to reports, one needs at least US$100 million to become president in Ghana.

Sumah said “That is the narrative we have to change, we must not sell the destiny of the nation for a cup of rice, piece of cloth, television set and the like. Using US$100 million for election simply means you are buying your way to the top”.

He emphasised that “All his policy directions are geared towards homegrown programmes and policies that will enable us to become self-sufficient and self-dependant without running to IMF and international donors only Ghanaians can solve their problems”.

He, therefore, called on visionary youth to join his mission to rescue Ghana.

Reporting by Albert Kuzor in the Volta Region

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