Empowering Communities: “Our Gatekeeper” revolutionises convenience and security

Elevating the Resident Experience with Lyme Drip Ghana Limited's All-In-One Community Application Suite

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, the need for smarter and more secure communities has become very vital.

Lyme Drip Ghana Limited is at the forefront of this revolution with its ground-breaking solution – Our Gatekeeper.

This all-in-one community application suite is meticulously designed to elevate security and convenience in residential and commercial settings -gated estates, school hostels, office buildings and all gated facilities.

Seamless Connectivity for Tailored Experiences

Our Gatekeeper is the digital nexus connecting community administrators, residents, and security personnel. The platform boasts of various features crafted to meet the specific needs of diverse communities. Designed with cutting-edge technology, it serves as the ultimate guardian for your digital world, offering unparalleled protection without compromising on user experience.

Key Features

Panic Alert Module: Quick emergency response is essential for the security of persons and property. Our Gatekeeper introduces a panic button enabling residents to notify other residents nearby and emergency services. Users have the flexibility to customize multiple emergency contacts on the app. This provides options for users when confronted with an emergency and reduces possible delay in response time. 

Access (Entry/Exit) Module: Streamlining the entry process, residents can conveniently create guest access through the app. Users share a QR code or alphanumeric code with guests and visitors for a quick scan at the gate. The resident receives an alert when the guest is admitted or denied entry. This empowers residents and occupants of gated facilities to wear off solicitations and uninvited guests. This access control system also cures tailgating and challenges it possess. 


Messaging Module: Enhancing communication, residents can seamlessly connect with facility management and the app development team to share relevant issues or suggestions. This ease of reporting issues and communication enables quicker response times to issues that residents and occupants of facilities could be facing. The convenience adds value to services provided in these communities. 

Finance Module (Facility Interface): Empowering community administrators, this module facilitates efficient facility levy management, project organisation, and real-time financial tracking for enhanced transparency. Facility owners and administrators benefit from intelligent automatic payment percentage analysis reconciled based on the number of houses/rooms/offices. 

Finance Module (Resident Interface): Users receive real-time updates on facility levies due and make payments securely within the app. Stay informed about facility projects and contributions towards community development. Quicker access to facility levies and project payments records for easy reference. Residents receive real-time payment notifications as digital receipts. Payments are automatically reconciled within the same house. 

Shop Module: Transforming the way residents’ shop, this feature allows for a convenient in-app shopping experience, including pickup or delivery options. Residents can also become sellers, fostering a sense of community commerce.

Services Module: Residents can easily book the services of a gardener, electrician, plumber, and other artisans directly from the app. When booking is scheduled, the service person’s availability is confirmed and guaranteed. The service charge is only paid when job is completed and approved by the resident.


Data and Security Protection

Our Gatekeeper is registered with the Data Protection Commission of Ghana with registration ID 4591. We offer multi-factor authentication for administrators’ interfaces for added security of resident data and resources. Our app platform runs on Google Cloud, offering world-class security backed by Google’s advanced infrastructure. With Google Cloud, your data is protected by robust encryption, multi-layered security protocols, and continuous monitoring to safeguard against threats. Your privacy and security are our top priority.

Positive User Experiences

Available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Our Gatekeeper has garnered positive reviews from users who appreciate its blend of convenience and security. The user-friendly interface coupled with robust features has made it a go-to solution for communities seeking a smarter way to manage their facility. What sets Our Gatekeeper apart is not just its robust security features but its ability to integrate effortlessly into daily life, redefining convenience. 

Join Our Gatekeeper Community Today

In conclusion, Our Gatekeeper is a powerful tool, reshaping the landscape of community living. Its positive reception among users attests to its effectiveness in enhancing convenience and security. If you’re seeking a comprehensive solution to streamline estate management, look no further than Our Gatekeeper. Join our community today and journey towards a seamlessly connected and secure living experience. 

If you are a facility manager or owner, fill out this form for a free full one-month use of the software suite with no obligations


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