Auditor General tags Goil as the worst Oil Marketing Company in Ghana

The Audit Service of Ghana, after it’s reports on the public Accounts of Ministries, Department and other agencies for the financial year ended December 31, 2018 has tagged Goil Ghana as the worst amongst Oil Marketing Companies in Ghana.

The Auditor General tagged Goil as worst in terms of payment of taxes and excise duties and levies.

According to the Auditor General’s report, a review of petroleum products lifted at Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) between November 2016 and November 2017 showed that 10 OMCs defaulted in the payment of excise duties, taxes and levies amounting to GH¢33,675,044.

Eventually, the breakdown of the amount revealed Goil as the highest defaulter amongst the 10 oil marketing companies.

Below is the breakdown of the GH¢33,675,044. Amongst the 10 Oil Marketing Companies (OMC);

Also, 11 OMCs delayed in paying duties on products lifted for periods ranging between one and nine months which also attracted a penalty totalling GH¢783,178.

The Auditor General stated that the failure to perform reconciliation on the actual petroleum liftings with the declarations and actual payments and weak oversight on OMCs with respect to penalties and interest payments accounted for the anomalies.

He therefore advised the Sector Commander to strengthen its control on OMCs to ensure reconciliations are performed.

Also, the Sector Commander must insist that penalties and interest payments are also paid on time. The AG said the amount of GH¢33,675,044 from the OMCs involved should recovered.

Meanwhile, GOIL Shell, and Frimps Oil last month were named as oil marketing companies involved in cheating their customers.


The report stated that Frimps Oil, for instance, had adjusted all the eight and seven of their Nozzles or pumps inspected at Tettegu Junction and Spintex road respectively. the motorway extension of Shell also had three out of their four pumps inspected adjusted to the disadvantage of their customers.

GOIL station at both Mile 11 in Accra and Kasoa Galilea had also adjusted some thirteen pumps combined to the disadvantage of their loyal customers.   

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