Gov’t scores 2/17 in performance index

Out of 17 key social and economic issues affecting the country, the government is said to be performing creditably well in only two of them.

In the 15 left, which include economic management, sections of Ghanaians are convinced Government has performed abysmally.

These were contained in a public perception survey conducted by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA).

The survey was among other things to assess the government’s performance in critical development areas as well as to find out the most corrupt institutions of state.

In all 1,200 households were interviewed across the ten regions of Ghana, with thought-provoking results.

“Seventeen areas of concern were identified and views of respondents solicited as to how well or badly the current government is addressing them.

“Government performed poorest in keeping prices down (71.5% response rate). This was followed respectively by “creating jobs” (62.0%), “narrowing the gap between rich and poor” (58.2%), and “improving the living standards of the people” (57.8%). 56 percent of the respondents believe that the current government is managing the economy very badly as against only 5% who say the government is doing very well,” the IEA said in a statement released to announce the content of the report.

However it was not all bleak for the government.

“Among the 17 matters put to respondents, it is only in the areas of “combating HIV/AIDS” and “resolving violent conflict between communities” that more respondents consider Government to be performing very well as against those who think it is performing very badly.

“In the 15 other areas, more respondents consider the government to be performing very badly than those who consider it to be performing very well. The verdict is clear here and does not need further elaboration.”

The survey also explored other areas including bribery and corruption, trust in public institutions, relations between ethnic groups and other important issues.

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