These growth menials for social media marketing will boost your website traffic

You may have heard it several times that in social media marketing, ‘content is king.’ Well, following that principle, you may have created one of the best content, and even a few different ones to post them across various social channels. However, in spite of your best efforts, you may still not get enough social followers and traffic to your site, and obviously, the conversion rates are also low, as a result.

The simple reason for this is that your content does not have that desired growth potential. To drive more social traffic to your site and increase the rate of your conversions, here are a few content marketing growth menials that you should know and implement ASAP.

Looking at the current trends in social media marketing, there are two most popular and extensively followed trends. These are:

  • Growth hacking and
  • Content marketing.

As you may already be aware of content marketing, presumably, know about growth hacking to promote it successfully.

Growth hacking is a distinctive marketing technique that is designed to ensure fast product growth, digital and otherwise. This will show promising results.

Two best ways to get this work in your favor are:

  • Getting the Open Graph HTML tags in order which will provide the readers with a link previews to preview page content before they click on it to read the post and
  • Using rich snippets or microdata that will help you to gain more google Authorship and increase the attention of the readers, thereby enhancing the click-through rates.

In addition to that, if you want to increase your content potential, even more, make sure that you share all your business data with the readers that may include your revenue numbers, the site traffic, and other key metrics related to your business.

Maximize current traffic

Another right way to increase social traffic to your site through your content is to analyze first the impact it is having on your current traffic. Use different analytics tools that will help you to determine whether or not your website is failing to produce the desired conversions, even if you are getting a considerable amount of traffic towards it.

Google Analytics ranks at the top of all analytics tools, but there are others as well. these tools will help you with everything such as:

  • Tracking, analyzing and optimizing your digital marketing performance
  • Telling you what is working and what is not across your entire campaigns, web, and mobile
  • Letting you know what the people are doing on your website
  • Identifying the reasons for the visitors leaving your site without converting and
  • Finding how you can tweak your website so that you can increase the time spent by the visitors on your site.

In addition to that, you may also use infographics on your blog, which makes it much more appealing to the readers. In other words, you will get better results if you combine content with a visual.

Last but not least, make sure that your content is shareable. Different tools will help you to create ‘tweetable’ and shareable content for your social community, including your followers for Instagram. The good thing about these tools is that it will not cost you any money or much time, both essential elements for the growth of any business.

Create more engaging content

There are a few specific elements that you will need to focus on to make your content more engaging and attractive.

First, you will need to focus more on the headline of your content as that will not only attract the readers to it but will also enable them to get a rough idea of what your content is about and how interesting it maybe. Here are a few tips for creating a more engaging headline:

  • Your headline should be a teaser about your content and therefore do not give everything through it and
  • Use numbers, especially odd numbers, as that will attract readers towards it.

Next, you should focus more on guest blogging. This involves posting your content on websites of some other people. This is a useful content growth hack that will provide you with several benefits, such as:

  • Attracting and interacting new readers
  • Building relationships
  • Growing subscribers on different social media platforms
  • Enhancing your mailing lists and
  • Promoting your content through search engines.

Also, make sure that you level up your content as that is the core of your website, which will increase social traffic to your site. For this you will have to:

  • Create content that tells what your website is all about
  • Establish your reputation
  • Ensure a better engagement
  • Make it a source of value for your customers
  • Make it a useful reference at any times

You must also have a proven and effective content strategy by considering these steps:

  • Proper planning
  • Building an audience
  • Using different platforms and
  • Using infographics.

Also, make sure that you make your content long, even more than 1000 words, and research for better and more popular SEO keywords.

Publish more often

Another way to promote your content is to publish them more often and that too, without creating a new one every time. This is the process of repurposing old content but under a new format. You will have lots of comments, articles, infographics to repurpose. To get the drift to your site, you can try these following ideas on different topics of your previous articles:

  • Creating a video
  • Creating an eBook for lead generation
  • Building a slide deck presentation
  • Creating a case study of different reviews.

This will save you a lot of time and hassles of creating entirely new content from scratch but get your desired traffic flow to your site.

Analyze existing content

Lastly, make sure that you analyze your content. Use Google Analytics to find the most successful pages based on parameters like most traffic, conversions, inbound links, likes, and shares on social media.

Finally, focus on reverse engineering your content as your SEO technique as well as analyze your competitors’ websites to find out what is doing well and implement in your social media marketing strategy.

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Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients by helping them buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.

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