Gyampo: Recruitment into security services must be on merit

The Ministry of Finance has given financial clearance to three ministries to recruit 11,840 personnel to augment their existing staff strength

Professor Ransford Gyampo, an associate professor of political science at the University of Ghana, has declared that recruitment into the security services should be based on merit to help inject efficiency into the system.

Speaking on The Asaase Breakfast Show on Friday (16 July), Gyampo said: “The idea is, if you need to recruit police officers, the catchword is meritocracy.”

He added: “I think over the years the way and manner recruitment has been done, if you look at it critically and carefully – and sometimes if you look at the utterances of police officers who may have been recruited – it suggests to you that even though the idea of recruitment is supposed to be guided by meritocracy, many of them got the job because their party or government was in power.”

Gyampo also condemned the politicisation of recruitment into the security services, arguing that it has affected the personnel’s impartiality.

“I have witnessed a by-election where police officers were making very partisan comments in a manner that undermines the call for them to be neutral,” he said.


The government, acting through the Minister for Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, has granted three ministries (Education, Interior and National Security) financial clearance to recruit 11,840 staff to augment their staff strength.

In six separate letters confirming the clearance to employ staff members, four to the Minister of the Interior (covering the Police Service, Fire Service, Immigration and Prisons Service) and the remaining two to the Ministers of Education and National Security, the Finance Minister stipulated that the effective date for candidates to be recruited will be 1 August 2021.

Interior Ministry

A covering letter to the Minister of the Interior, Ambrose Dery, states that the Ministry “is hereby granted financial clearance to enable the comptroller general of Ghana Immigration Service to recruit two thousand (2,000), the director general of the Ghana Prisons Service to recruit two thousand (2,000), Chief Fire Officer to recruit two thousand (2,000), and the Inspector General of Police to recruit five thousand (5,000) personnel to augment the staffing position of the services”, the statement said.

“The emoluments of the personnel should be charged against the Compensation of Employees vote of the Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana Police Service, National Fire Service and Ghana Prisons Service, under the Ministry of the Interior in the 2021 Annual Estimates,” the clearance letter said.

National Security

According to the Finance Minister’s letter dated 21 June 2021, Ofori-Atta has granted financial clearance to the Ministry of National Security to enable the National Signals Bureau (NSB) to recruit an additional 100 and the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) to recruit 140 staff to augment its workforce.

“The emoluments of the personnel should be charged against the Compensation of Employees vote of the Ministry of National Security in the 2021 Annual Estimates,” the Finance Minister directed.

“The Hon Minister for National Security is to ensure that the engaged staff have their documents processed in time and placed on the Mechanised Payroll early enough to enable the Controller and Accountant General’s Department effect payment of their salaries.”

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