HUAWEI can be no.1 in smartphones without Google

The world has seen one of the biggest trade wars between US and China.  There is also a big ticket technology war between Google and Huawei.  Huawei has made steps to fly on their own without Google.  From the arrest of the CFO of Huawei, to blocking US companies from dealing with Huawei, the company has consolidated gains within China and re-strategised for their overseas market.

Huawei has since launched their own operating system, HongmengOS (HarmonyOS in English).  HarmonyOS will first be used on “smart screen products,” such as televisions, later this year. Over the next three years, the operating system will be used in other devices, including wearables and car head units.

The Cost to HUAWEI

Huawei was in the tracks to overtake Samsung as the No. 1 seller of smartphones until the US blacklisted Huawei.  The blacklist is also expected to cost Huawei over US$30 Billion in revenue losses.  Huawei’s hard-won overseas market share is shrinking, as customers outside of China become wary of buying a phone that may not have access to the Google Play Store and popular apps like Facebook, Uber and Google Maps.

The battles still continues for Huawei, however the CEO and founder Ren Zhengfei in an interview on CNN, said he believes his company can still become the world’s top smartphone brand even without Google. It will just take more time, he said.  

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