I was locked down here in Ghana – Fuse ODG

The “Antenna” man, Fuse ODG, spills all to BlaqueBoy on Asaase Radio: being back in Ghana during COVID, getting back his mojo and linking up with Tiffiny

The Ghanaian Grammy award-winner Richard Nana Abiona, better known by his stage name Fuse ODG, has revealed on Asaase Radio that he was locked down in Ghana by the coronavirus outbreak as the emergence of the disease prompted officials to close the country’s borders. Fuse ODG recounted the experience in conversation with BlaqueBoy on Asaase Radio’s newest entertainment showcase, Nitro Avenue, on Wednesday.

“I was locked down here in Ghana and I have had the best time in Ghana. I’ve been so inspired.

“I’m always telling people to move back home. Yes, I’ve been in Ghana but I always have shows every week. But this lockdown, every show got cancelled. No public gathering was allowed. So I was actually forced to spend time with myself.

“I had the chance to go to the UK but I decided to stay at home because, to me, when I’m in Ghana, it’s more peaceful for me and I’m able to make all my music. All my music was made in Ghana.”

Stable of budding talents

The “Million Pound Girl” hitmaker also said the lockdown which left him stuck in Ghana gave him an opportunity to work with emerging artistes and sign some of them.

“I decided to work with some new, up-and-coming artistes and sign some new artistes. I’m excited for what is about to come.

“It has been a beautiful year for me.

“Every day I go to Twitter and I’m looking for new talents from Ghana with the #newmusictalents. As at now, I have five up-and-coming artists.”

Back to school in Akosombo

The Ghanaian, UK-based Afrobeat musician also revealed that he has an ongoing secondary school project in Akosombo which he believes will be ready by this December.

“You have to be strong to help others,” said Fuse ODG. “Again, I’ve been strong enough to continue to build the secondary school in Akosombo …

“That’s been a journey, building the school. Definitely, it has been a beautiful lockdown for me.”

Blackson in town

The US-based Ghanaian comedian Michael Blackson has also been in town since the closing days of September.

Blackson has been seen on several occasions putting up a school building in Swedru, his home town. He was last spotted at a meet-and-greet programme.

Fuse ODG shared his experience of meeting with the king of comedy.

“Michael Blackson – he messaged me saying he wants to come to Ghana as soon as the borders open. When the borders opened, he made plans to book a flight and he came and stayed at the ODG mansion.

“His plan was to buy a home here – a home for himself, home for his family – and build some schools here. Actually, he has started building a school in Swedru.”

It’s Tiffiny!

There’s a seeming chemistry when it comes to music collaborations between Fuse ODG and the Afropop songstress Tiffiny, especially on “Azonto”. This was their big hit in 2014 which got people on their feet and boogeying to the tune in Ghana and beyond.

Fuse ODG recently released another song – “Winning” – featuring Tiffiny. He talked about excitement in response to doing another single with the young singer.

“Tiffiny is special,” he exclaimed. “Being back in the studio with her was so special. We got to reminisce so much. We got to catch up so much.

“It was emotional … The music ‘Winning’ that we made was effortless. I will make sure this song goes global, because Tiffiny is special.”

Next up from the international superstar Fuse ODG will be his annual TINA festival, in December. He promises all his fans that with this one, they should watch out for something big.

Andrew Serpah

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