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Invasion of Ukraine: Ghana, 10 other UNSC members condemn Russia

Ghana and 10 other nations of the 15-member United Nations Security Council (UNSC) have condemned in no uncertain terms, the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by its Eastern neighbour, Russia

Ghana together with ten other nations of the 15-member United Nations Security Council (UNSC) have condemned in no uncertain terms, the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by its Eastern neighbour, Russia.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin after several months of amassing about 100,000 forces along its eastern border with Ukraine, ordered an all-out invasion of the east European nation on the 23 February 2022.

Russia’s deplorable action

In a statement during the Security Council meeting to explain Ghana’s vote on the situation in Ukraine, the Permanent Mission of Ghana to the United Nations, noted that Ghana “voted in favour of the draft resolution on the situation in Ukraine because that is the minimum duty we owe to the Charter, the peoples of the world and in particular the government and people of Ukraine as a member of this council”.

“We joined the 10 other members of the Council in deploring in the strongest terms the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine because that act breaches Russia’s obligation as a Member of the United Nations; its obligation to respect the provisions of article 2, paragraph 4 of the Charter,” Ghana’s representative stated.

“By not refraining from the use of force in its relations with Ukraine, the Russian Federation has chosen to violate, without justification, the sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, even as several world leaders had appealed for dialogue, to find a peaceful settlement of the situation,” Ghana further indicated in her explanation.

Ghana stated in her position statement that “besides her own assessment that Ukraine presented no imminent threat to the Russian Federation, the letter is also interpreted within the context of Russia’s own public declarations over the course of the past days, which have shown to the world that rather than a security merit this has been about the use of force against its weaker neighbour because it could. To choose the path of war, however, necessarily diminishes one’s strength”.

Support for Ukraine

In registration of her disillusion, Ghana said she “is deeply disappointed by the actions of the Russian Federation, a permanent member of the Security Council”.

“Its actions have fallen short of the higher standards expected of those states that are considered as the enduring guardians of international peace and security. Indeed, for those members of the council with a special privilege, there is also special responsibility”.

“I reiterate Ghana’s full support for the sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, in accordance with the Charter”.

“At a time that the world looked up to this Council to send a strong message that threats and use of force against other states are unacceptable, we have been unable to do so. Not because there is no broad agreement to do so, but because the way and manner the Security Council has been structured to function has constrained us”.

Give peace a chance

In the concluding part of Ghana’s explanation, the statement notes, “The consequence of these adverse developments is that the fragility of most countries would deepen, and further risks created for global stability”.

“The actions that have taken place against Ukraine are therefore far-reaching and require even greater solidarity, first with the people of Ukraine who bear the direct and immediate impact of this unjustified action that violates the Charter and the principles of international law; but also, for the many, especially developing countries, whose populations are facing severe austerity”.

“May we find the wisdom and common purpose to overcome the difficult moment we face. Ours is a call for peace. Let’s give peace still yet, a chance,” Ghana said in her statement to the UNSC.

UNSC meeting

At its meeting held on the Friday (25 February 2022), 11 of the Council’s 15 members (including Ghana), voted in favour of the text, while China, India, and the United Arab Emirates abstained.

The ‘no’ vote from Russia, which is one of the five permanent members of the Council stops the action which was aimed at getting the very same Russia from continuing with its act of aggression against Ukraine.

In effect, three permanent members of the UNSC France, the United Kingdom, and the United States voted yes. China abstained and the Russian Federation voted no.

The Security Council’s latest attempt to end the Ukraine crisis caps a week of activity at the United Nations seeking a diplomatic off-ramp to Russian military action in the country, including near daily press stakeouts by the Secretary-General, three emergency Council sessions, and one meeting of the 193-member General Assembly, which saw speaker after speaker call for de-escalation.

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