Joyce Aryee: We must raise Ghanaians who can do large scale mining

The former CEO of Ghana Chamber of Mines wants more investments to be channelled into large scale mining in Ghana

Joyce Aryee, former chief executive officer, Ghana Chamber of Mines says the country has to raise a crop of Ghanaians who can do large scale mining to aid investments in the sector.

Speaking on “Sunday Night” with Nana Yaa Mensah, Aryee said, “Because mining is so capital intensive, we have not raised a crop of Ghanaians who have the money to do large scale farming. We should even be thinking of that; of raising a crop of Ghanaians who can also do large scale mining.

“Of course, it doesn’t mean that because they are Ghanaians and they are doing large scale mining, you let them do what they like… But the way you can see it is that the money will stay in Ghana. It won’t go outside if the investment is from Ghanaians, by Ghanaians. So these are things that we need to think about,” she said.

Mining policy

Aryee said the country also needs to maximise its benefits from the mining sector adding, “I think that we need to make our mining policy more structured so that we maximise the benefits from mining…”

“I want all of us to support the idea of community mining. Now what government needs to do in addition to that is to get Geological Survey resourced to continue to do geological studies so that they will know where mineralisation is… because if you are asking a community to go and mine somewhere and they are going to have to do trial and error, that’s not going to help. 

“So there’s a lot of work but I really believe that community mining will let people know that; we can also mine and make money out of it without causing so much problem to the environment.”

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