Kobby Mensah to #FixTheCountry campaigners: Demand for new constitution misplaced

The group at a press conference on Monday reiterated their call for a completely new constitution

Dr Kobby Mensah, a political communications strategist, has described calls for an entirely new constitution by the #FixTheCountry campaigners as too ambitious.

The group at a press conference on Monday repeated reasons for their call as they insist the 1992 Constitution is no longer fit for purpose.

Speaking on The Big Bulletin with Beatrice Adu on Monday (23 August), Dr Mensah said a review of the constitution would have been the right call.

“So if the leadership wants to address the issues that they have actually put out, I think it will be in the right direction because the country itself has gone through constitutional review.

“They have collected opinions from different sectors of society and everybody is actually saying the constitution has to be reviewed. Obviously to call for a new constitution will be too ambitious, but the entire country has at one point indicated that at some point there must be a review of the constitution,” Mensah said.

One million signatures 

Meanwhile, the convenors of the #FixTheCountry movement have launched a platform to receive signatures of one million Ghanaians for a petition to demand for a new constitution for the country.

The social media campaigners who have described the current Constitution as undemocratic  are targeting one million signatures to demand what they say will be a fresh constitution to give equal justice to all Ghanaians.

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