McBrown to Yaa Yaa: Show a “little skin”, exaggerate to trend

TV presenter Nana Ama McBrown commends singer Yaa Yaa for her modest style of dressing but admits it won't make her trend

A-list Ghanaian actress Nana Ama McBrown has advised singer Yaa Yaa to stay true to who she is in her personal life but give fans what they want in her craft to help her get ahead in her musical career.

McBrown who has hosted the Afro-pop singer twice – on her talk show “United Showbiz” and on her food show “McBrown’s kitchen” – to give her “support as a sister”, made this comment while reacting to why the talented singer was not getting the recognition she deserved among Ghanaian fans.

Speaking to Naa Ashorkor on Asaase Radio’s Between Hours show, McBrown said that during her time, they got recognition through their talent because of CD sales as there was “nothing like social media.”

“But in Yaa Yaa’s era”, she said, “if you depend on your talent alone to get you ahead… it will take time. Be who you are, but for your craft …exaggerate”.

Do extra more

McBrown continued that she felt “somebody like Yaa Yaa can do a lot on your own. A lot like, I’ve seen her doing renditions of old, old Ghanaian songs. She needs to do extra more of her talent to make up for her modest style of dressing.”

The famed veteran advised Yaa Yaa to in her “personal life, be who you are, like you are, but for your craft, you need to exaggerate. She needs to do more in her videos. Show a little skin if need be … Naa Ashorkor, it’s part of the job. I won’t lie.”

“Not nudity … but do extra than you do. So, people will know that you’re trying to tell a story.

“Because you can’t come to Naa Ashorkor’s programme, personal life, this is where you’re coming to market yourself and wear a bikini. But, you can wear bikini even in a bush, depending on how you tell your story.

“Irrespective of individual preferences, there will always be someone who likes your style. Even those that won’t be in favor, will also appreciate that you’re telling a story. Because she’s full of stories, her videos and everything.”

She further requested of Yaa Yaa to actively get people through WhatsApp, to help push her videos.

“Don’t expect that you put a video out there and everybody will see and post, no… Don’t sit down and think that people will do the job for you,” she said.

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