Meet the Founder and CEO OF SHOPNAW, Benjamin Osei Asante

Benjamin Osei Asante, a proud Ghanaian IT expert with rich industry experience is set to bring e-commerce platform to the doorsteps of Ghanaians.

He has worked with both local companies and multinationals on various projects with an incredible track record of significant achievements. SHOPNAW is the name of the new platform yet to be introduced officially.

According to the founder and CEO; the idea of SHOPNAW platform came into conception after he came out of a very gloomy situation. His dexterity and insight led to the analysis of the online market space, particularly, to satisfy the needs of the ordinary Ghanaian buyer and seller, and to offer convenience in an era of increasing challenges in the supply chain of the Ghanaian market. Benjamin’s pursuit is to see people’s livelihoods improved by offering tailor-made digital solutions.He discloses that the platform is designed to augment lifestyle; by providing exceeding convenience,speedy access, and wide range selections on a single app.

A shopping experience that enables people to create their positive reality of living a delighted and lively lifestyle. We do this by empowering local businesses with our robust portal and in turn, generate new ways for people to earn, work and live If it’s about the hustle of your daily busy routines and your quest to live a more fulfilled life and build a prosperous enterprise, SHOPNAW is the right choice. Our drive is the commitment we have in people.We believe both buying and selling have to be rewarding, he noted.Some vendors that have already pitched camp on the platform are thrilled that SHOPNAW has finally come. We trust to walk on this path with them to improve upon the people’s digital lifestyle, Benjamin added. Every fibre of SHOPENAW business considers all stakeholders involved, and as such, we pursue the very goal of giving our vendors, customers and partners the best and most efficient online delivery service

We continue to identify pitfalls and hitches and provide practical solutions that would ensure users have a more streamlined shopping experience. SHOPNAW is a breath of fresh air in the online marketplace, the next generation shopping platform to provide an affordable online trading portal and speedy delivery to users, deliver a top-notch customer experience, wide range products and services to the market. SHOPNAW is a brand of Big Ben Express Limited; registered and incorporated in Ghana

For SHOPNAW we are not in a digital era, rather we are living a digital era

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