Ministry of Interior – no secret recruits for security services

Minister dismisses Minority claims that the government is secretly recruiting entrants into the security services

The Ministry of the Interior says reports that secret recruitment into the security services is ongoing are false.

The sector minister, Ambrose Dery, said that all training schools which take charge of recruitment have shut down because of the spread of COVID-19.

The ministry’s announcement followed allegations by the Minority in Parliament that the government was secretly conducting recruitment.

“There is no ongoing recruitment. There was recruitment where the processes were complied with before the COVID-19 pandemic,” Dery said.

“So, what happened at the time was that some of the trainees had reported to school while others were on the way. But because of the pandemic the schools were closed down.”

Minority’s claims

The Leader of the Minority in Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu, the MP for Tamale South, recently claimed that he had learned of the recruitment of over 1,600 personnel without there being any public announcement.

He said it was suspicious that the government has not issued any public advertisements seeking to recruit staff into the security services since 2017.

“The last time the public witnessed a public advert in accordance with the constitution and the public services requirements and regulations was in 2017,” Iddrisu said.

“So we are asking: how come in 2018, 2019 and 2020 there is no official public recruitment advertised, giving notice to Ghanaian citizens to prepare themselves for recruitment into these important state institutions and agencies?”

The Minority Leader then suggested that secret recruitment was ongoing on the blind side of the public.

Training schools to reopen

The Minister of the Interior however said that there has been no recruitment in recent times and stressed that the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed things.

The various training schools for the security agencies were closed, just like junior high and senior high schools, he said.

Dery pointed out that the training schools, however, have asked recruits who succeeded in getting through recruitment to report back to their facility now that there has been an easing of restrictions.

“Recently under the auspices of the presidential task force for COVID-19, there has been a roadmap on the reopening of schools, starting with final years [students] in the universities,” the minister said. “Subsequently, it came to senior high schools, and now junior high schools.

“The training schools for the security agencies were involved in that programme. So those successful candidates from the recruitment which took place before the pandemic were asked to start reporting,” he explained.

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