Nana Romeo wants an apology from Wendy Shay

Host on Accra FM, Nana Romeo says he is expecting Wendy Shay and people from her camp to apologise to him.

This comes after the singer walked out on of the interview with him when he repeatedly asked her if she was dating her manager and label boss, Bullet.

Although Wendy Shay had answered no, Nana Romeo kept pressing her adding that he had evidence to the claim that the two were in a relationship.
The singer said she was being asked “unprofessional questions” and walked out of the studio after apologising to the listeners and her fans.
However, Nana Romeo said, in an interview with ZionFelix, that it was disrespectful of Wendy Shay to walk away with her crew while the interview was ongoing.

He stated that he did not see why the singer would be offended by his questions.

Nana Romeo said Wendy Shay could have dared him to put out the “evidence” he had.

“They have to apologise to me for walking out from the interview, it is disrespectful.”

According to him, whether she apologies or not he would continue to play Wendy’s songs on his shows.

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