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NPP presidential primaries are a no-contest: Bawumia has the bone in his mouth, says Asare-Bediako

Gordon Asare-Bediako was speaking about Dr Bawumia on Wednesday on “Press Pass”, Asaase 99.5’s midweek political and current affairs show, contributing to a discussion on “Clean campaigning and the NPP presidential primaries”

The managing editor of the ABC newspaper, Gordon Asare-Bediako, has declared that the upcoming presidential primaries of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) are a no-contest because the vice-president, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, is miles ahead of the other nine aspirants competing for the role.

Asare-Bediako was speaking on Wednesday (19 July 2023) on Press Pass, Asaase 99.5’s midweek political and current affairs show, contributing to a discussion on “Clean campaigning and the NPP presidential primaries”.

“For me, this contest [the NPP presidential primaries] is a no-contest. Dr Mahamudu Bawumia is miles ahead, oceans ahead of the rest,” Asare-Bediako said.

“The person who is going to be in the second position will be a distant second, so I entreat the camp of Dr Mahamudu Bawumia not to be responding [to any insults directed at him by the other contestants],” Asare-Bediako said.

Give a dog a bone

Justifying why he thinks the vice-president is ahead in the race, Asare-Bediako said he had a conversation with a high-ranking member of the NPP. They concluded, he said, that Dr Bawumia only needs to stay focused and consolidate his lead by engaging with party delegates to sell his vision for the party and Ghana.

“Yesterday I had a conversation with a very senior person in the NPP and he said to me that if you see a dog who has a bone in its mouth, other dogs around it will start barking. Why? Because they all want to have a bit of the bone.

“The moment the dog with the bone stops to bark, the bone will drop from its mouth. So, any serious dog [who has the bone in its mouth] will not look at them [the other dogs] but rather, it will run into the bush and hide and start chewing his bone,” Asare-Bediako said.

“Dr Bawumia has the bone in his mouth. He should just continue to run and stay focus. When he gets to the tail end and he wins the contest, those [barking at him now] will also come and get a bit.

“They will get to be ministers, they can get an appointment, they can lobby for some people, among other things,” he said.

Reporting by Wilberforce Asare in Accra

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