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Opinion: Unmasking Hypocrisy: Kemini Amanor’s dubious scholarship maneuver

Kemini Amanor

In the realm of ethical journalism, where truth and integrity should reign supreme, the recent actions of Kemini Amanor have sent shockwaves through Ghana’s media landscape. Her scholarship saga—a tale of privilege, double standards, and opportunism—deserves scrutiny and reflection.

The Spotlight on Kemini Amanor

Kemini Amanor, a seasoned journalist and news anchor, has long been a vocal critic of the NPP government’s policies. Her scathing commentaries on governance, social issues, and accountability have resonated with many. Yet, as the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.”

The Scholarship Grab

Amanor’s acceptance of a $24,000 scholarship to pursue a Master’s in Journalism at Boston raises eyebrows. Why? Because this scholarship is funded by the very government she condemns. It’s akin to a firefighter accepting a matchstick from an arsonist.

Double Standards Unveiled

Let’s peel back the layers of this egregious display of double standards:

Principles vs. Personal Gain

Amanor’s vocal critiques of the NPP’s actions are understandable from a journalistic standpoint. But when it comes to her personal gain, principles take a back seat. She conveniently sets aside her condemnation of the government’s shortcomings to secure a scholarship meant for the needy. The needy, it seems, can wait.

Disregard for Local Institutions

Ghana boasts ample opportunities for quality education. Yet, Amanor chooses the allure of an international degree, funded by Ghanaian taxpayers’ money. Her disregard for investing in her own country’s educational system reeks of elitism and entitlement.

Media Integrity at Stake

As a journalist entrusted with holding power to account, Amanor’s actions cast a dark shadow over the integrity of her profession. How can we trust her reporting when she’s willing to compromise principles for personal benefit?

The Urgent Need for Reform

Amanor’s scholarship saga isn’t just about her—it’s a stark indictment of a system that enables such behavior. We must demand accountability from those who claim to represent the public interest.

Ethical Reform

Our media landscape needs an overhaul. Journalists must be held to higher standards, especially when they wield influence.
– Let’s revisit codes of ethics, transparency, and conflicts of interest. Amanor’s case serves as a wake-up call.

Investing Locally

Instead of chasing international degrees, let’s invest in our local institutions. Strengthening Ghana’s educational system benefits us all. Amanor’s scholarship could have supported deserving students right here at home.

Media Consumers’ Vigilance

As readers, viewers, and listeners, we must scrutinize journalists’ actions. Are they practicing what they preach Let’s demand consistency and integrity from those who shape our narratives.


Kemini Amanor’s scholarship saga isn’t just a case of individual hypocrisy; it’s a reflection of a system that needs reform. Let’s peel back the layers, expose the contradictions, and work toward a media landscape that truly serves the public interest.

Disclaimer: The author of this article is o’L Soldier. The views expressed in this opinion piece are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of this publication.

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