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Petroleum Tanker Drivers’ Union meet to resolve ongoing dispute amid strike

NPA boss Dr Mustapha Hamid interacting with tanker drivers

NPA boss Dr Mustapha Hamid interacting with tanker drivers

The Vice Chairman of the Ghana Petroleum Tanker Drivers’ Union, Alabi Sunday, has disclosed that the union will be locked in a meeting today to address ongoing disputes with the National Petroleum Authority (NPA).

This meeting aims to resolve the issues that led to an indefinite strike which began on Tuesday (21 May).

According to Alabi Sunday, the union is determined to achieve concrete results rather than mere promises, underscoring the urgency of the situation.

Energy experts have issued stern warnings about the potential consequences if the dispute remains unresolved.

They caution that prolonged conflict could lead to significant disruptions in fuel distribution, potentially affecting the entire country by the end of the week.

Speaking on The Big Bulletin on Wednesday (22 May), Sunday emphasised the importance of the meeting, noting that it is expected to take the whole day. When asked whether assurances would suffice to end the strike, Sunday firmly stated that the union demands tangible outcomes.

“We are not looking for promises. We need actual results that will improve our working conditions,” Sunday asserted, reflecting the union’s firm stance.

The National Petroleum Authority have yet to issue a public statement regarding the meeting, but sources close to the negotiations suggest that both parties are under considerable pressure to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Reporting by Caleb Ahinakwah in Accra

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