Racism: US accepts it’s “not above scrutiny”

The US says other countries where racism is rife must also demonstrate transparency and accountability

The United States of America has called on other countries to be open on matters of racism, as it begins reforms in its Police Service.

The US has witnessed mass protests against racial injustice and police brutality following the death of George Floyd.

However, the country believes while it is taking steps to root out racial discrimination, other countries must show the same level of transparency.

This was contained in a statement by Andrew Bremberg, US ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva.

The statement was released ahead of a request by African countries to the Human Rights Council (HRC) to open an urgent debate on racism and “police brutality” against protesters in the US.

UN inquiry into systemic racism

Reuters reports that African countries had lobbied to set up a UN inquiry into “systemic racism” and “police brutality” in the US and other countries.

The initial draft resolution was aimed at defending the rights of people of African descent, but US officials are said to have lobbied African countries to go for a fact-finding mission, rather than a UN commission of inquiry.

Bremberg said the US is beginning Police reforms and urged other countries to be equally open on matters of racism.

“As the world’s leading advocate for human rights we call upon all governments to demonstrate the same level of transparency and accountability that the US and our democratic partners practice,” he said.

Not above scrutiny

Bremberg admitted that that US is not above scrutiny, while arguing against a draft resolution that would name the United States.

He said racism is prevalent in many countries and further took a swipe at both China and Iran.

He noted that China’s Xinjiang Province stands “accused of running concentration camps directed at an ethnic minority”.

With reference to Iran, Bremberg said more than 1,500 people were killed during peaceful protests last year.

“We are not above scrutiny; however, any HRC resolution on this topic that calls out countries by name should be inclusive, noting the many countries where racism is a problem,” he said.

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