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Stratcomm at 30: Government must be intentional in building the right national brand, says Alhassan Andani

The former managing director of Stanbic Bank was speaking at the launch of the 30th anniversary of Strategic Communications Africa Ltd (Stratcomm Africa) in Accra on Friday (21 June) under the theme: “30 years of dynamic impact”

The founder of LVS Africa, Alhassan Andani has said the current situation of the country requires that the government craft a story that highlights Ghana’s enormous potential and sell it to the rest of the world.

Andani said the government must be intentional in building the right national brand through strategic communications as this would highlight the growth potential and gain investor confidence to support the country’s economic recovery process.

The former managing director of Stanbic Bank was speaking at the launch of the 30th anniversary launch of Strategic Communications Africa Ltd (Stratcomm Africa) in Accra on Friday (21 June) under the theme: “30 years of dynamic impact”.

He said, “The government must be intentional about building the right national brand that would make development finance institutions come into the country, not only to grant concessions, but recognise Ghana as a right partner with the laws and resources for profitable investment”.

“… national branding should be at the executive [Presidency] level. We have the experts and the government must bring them into the room to build a national communication strategy and brand, especially now,” Andani added.


Strong ethics

He said Stratcomm Africa’s success in the past 30 years cannot be relegated to the periphery and that the company’s impact can be linked to its strong ethics.

Andani added that Stratcomm Africa has over the years also exhibited what he called the foundation of enduring companies; eternal vigilance, no room for familiarity and intensity.

“… Stratcomm at 30 years has unearthed the essence of communication…”

“One of the clear indicators for excellence, and longevity for enterprises is those who sign-post growth. I wouldn’t say success; it speaks to some very strong ethical reason why you exist. Companies endure when you have very strong ethical reasons for your purpose…”

He urged domestic companies and the government to ensure that strategic communications companies such as Stratcomm Africa “gets the first proceeds when it comes to doing business…”

He said good governance starts with good communications and that “Stratcom Africa is an example of a Ghanaian entrepreneurial success,” Andani added.

Strong Reputation

Esther Cobbah, the founder and CEO, of Stratcomm Africa, said the communications firm is grounded in excellence and integrity hence the creation of such a solid brand over the past 30 years.

Esther Cobbah
Esther Cobbah, founder and CEO, Stratcomm Africa

She said reputation cannot be broken into parts, indicating that “Reputation is an encapsulation of the totality of who you are and therefore my training was in how to use different media to effective messaging, shape reputation and manage the reputation…”

According to her, Stratcom Africa was established to deliver total communication adding that “the vision was to use communication to help people to employ communication as a tool for national development, individual livelihood enhancement and for organisational profitability…”

She said the communication firm has been doing digital with tradition and “unless you understand communication like that, especially in the kind of contest that we find ourselves then you’ll be so ‘AI-ing’ that you take you eyes off the reality of the context in which we find ourselves”.

Esther Cobbah
Esther Cobbah, founder and CEO, Stratcomm Africa

Cobbah also encouraged the government to get persons trained to work on the hearts and minds of people to lead the implementation of the national communication strategy to achieve the country’s development vision.

She added, “Unless you have somebody who is able to work on the minds of people out there to buy into your vision and, therefore, patronise your product and services, you’ll make a profit, but you’ll lose a lot more profit”.

Spirit of giving

Sharon K Anim, the marketing communication manager at StratComm Africa said, “…Stratcomm Africa is a spirit and its story begins with the art of giving,” adding that, “The spirit of Stratcomm Africa is characterised by excellence, passion, resilience, integrity, professionalism, innovation and creativity originated with Esther Cobbah…”


She said, over the past 30 years that spirit “has left an indelible mark in the communication industry as Ghana’s premier communications agency touching countless communication professionals and individuals”.

Anim added that the impact of Stratcomm Africa over the past 30 years is not merely about the company’s achievements but also how the communication firm has evolved “and how this spirit has dynamically shaped the communication industry in Ghana and Africa…”

Stratcomm Africa is a total communications and reputation management agency that uses communication to enhance organisational performance.

It specialises in the formulation and implementation of communication strategies for individuals as well as public, private and governmental institutions in both national and international contexts.

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