These are the 9 Highest Paying Jobs now, check out the qualifications needed

When picking a career, young people prefer to do something that is both enjoyable and well-paying.

It’s important to get informed at a young age, mainly about which jobs provide lucrative pay and which do not. Like every year, we see that this list is dominated by medicine-related careers.

We see the same pattern with jobs within the tech industry. However, most of these careers require lots of studying. At least a Bachelor ’s degree is needed to be able to compete. Any of these 9 careers is trending upwards and is going to become even more in demand.

Physician – $195,000

Becoming a physician is amongst the best-paid jobs for two reasons. The first revolves around the constant need for physicians, but the second reason is due to the length of education. To become a physician, you have to complete eight years of formal education, plus a four-year M.D. program.

Most people don’t have the patience to go to the school that long, making the overall number of qualified physician smaller and smaller. If you have what it takes to sit through many years of education, you will be rewarded with a lucrative salary.

Pharmacist – $127,000

The US generally have a much more liberal prescription policy than many other countries. As a result, there is always a need for licensed pharmacists. It takes the same qualifications needed to become a pharmacy manager. Your responsibilities won’t just involve sitting behind the counter.

You can work in a lab, assist in the creation of new pharmaceutical products, as well as conduct tests in a controlled environment. After graduating with a PharmD degree, you can always apply for an internship at a big pharmaceutical corporation.

Enterprise architect – $115,000

To become an enterprise architect, you will need a Bachelor’s Degree in IT or IT management, depending on your alma mater. In this age of digitalization, enterprise architects are one of the most sought after experts in the world.

Your responsibilities will include meetings with management, clients, and executives to hear their business strategy. With the information you’ve gathered, you will create and enhance information technology structures. This involves creating software for communication within a company, as well as enhancing B2B marketing and correspondence. Training employees is also mandatory.

Corporate counsel – $115,000

A corporate counsel is a special kind of lawyer. If you become a counsel to an employer, you won’t practice law actively in court. Instead, you will provide legal protection and advice to any members of your company.

Your responsibilities will most likely include shielding both the organization and its employees from any impending lawsuits. To obtain this job, you need to earn the title of Juris Doctor. Afterward, it will be required of you to pass the state bar exam and specialize in corporate law.

Software development manager – $108,000

Every software development manager needs to have practical knowledge. IT is a different niche than most others, as there aren’t strict requirements for formal education. You can major in IT or software development, but there are many managers who are self-taught.

To verify their knowledge, SDMs have obtained official degrees from internationally-recognized governing bodies. It will be your job to think of and execute new solutions for clients or a single employer. You will be tasked to make inter-employee communication easier, as well as implement automation.

Software engineering manager – $107,000

Smaller companies usually fuse the roles of a software engineer and software development manager. This means that you can also find a job with only a Bachelor’s Degree in the IT field, as well as official certificates on top of a high-school diploma.

The Hacker

Unlike development managers, software engineering managers focus more on the maintenance of programs and solutions. They explore ways to increase energy efficiency and prevent any unexpected malfunctions. It’s a dynamic, demanding, but very lucrative profession for all those who love active environments.

Software architect – $105,000

Like with any IT-related job, there are many majors you can pursue if you wish to become a software architect. Software engineering, computer science, and even server management can suffice as being qualified for this position. It’s one of the fastest growing professions, with a projected growth rate of 17%.

As a software architect, your job will be to mediate between a client and software engineers. Together with a team, you will turn ideas, suggestions into functional software. For those with good listening and leadership skills, it’s an ideal job to pursue.

Engineering manager – $105,000

To compete for a position as an engineering manager, you need at least a Master’s Degree. Lots of universities offer programs which emphasize the importance of both management and engineering. After obtaining your degree, you will be skilled in both solving problems with engineering skills, as well as providing leadership.

Your duties will most likely be split between an on-hands approach and a modified leadership role. If you like to undertake lots of tasks, this job will make you both rich and happy.

Applications development manager – $104,000

And last, but not least, the ever-popular applications development career. The degree needed for this position can be in anything related to informational technology. Software development is seen as the most desirable major to pursue.

More than any other professional, ADMs have to be skilled in both communication and problem-solving. They are perhaps the most important link between software engineers and upper management, in any company.

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