The Extraordinary Women of ‘The Weaving of the First Gods’: Ghana’s Historical Fantasy Book series

The novel challenges preconceived notions and offers a refreshing perspective on the pivotal role women played during this period in history

The weaving of the first gods book series unfolds as a captivating historical fantasy, delving into the early origins of the Ashanti Empire.

The first instalment, ‘The Usurper’s Dream,’ transports readers to the late 16th century Gold Coast, where the founders of the empire, Osei Tutu and Okomfo Anokye, take centre stage with their daring revolt against the Denkyira hegemony. However, what truly captivates readers right from the outset is the portrayal of remarkable women in the narrative.

In many fictional novels based on history, women often find themselves confined to the shadows, relegated to the roles of obedient homemakers, solely supportive of their husbands.

Yet, ‘The Usurper’s Dream’ takes an empowering approach, presenting us with women who are keenly aware of their significance in society.

These women break free from traditional stereotypes, becoming integral players in shaping the Asante history. They display strength, intelligence, and resilience, leaving readers utterly engrossed in their journey.

Within the narrative of ‘The Usurper’s Dream’, a standout character emerges as Bremann, a slave girl who masterfully maneuvers her way into the corridors of power.

The author skillfully conceals the depths of her personality until a climactic moment, where she astoundingly topples the queen mother of Denkyira, leaving readers in awe of her cunning and tenacity.

Maana Kotosii, the mother of Osei Tutu, exudes fierceness and unyielding strength. From her very introduction, she radiates a calculating demeanour, understanding the significance of standing up for oneself and holding her ground in a world of political complexities.

In the spotlight alongside the greatest oracle in Ashanti history, Okomfo Anokye, Nyamekye, the oracle of Asaase Yaa, shines brightly in every scene. Her vibrant and powerful presence captivates readers, leaving an indelible impression as she commands respect and wisdom in her role.

As the narrative unfolds, several other remarkable women engage readers with their captivating arcs, each leaving a lasting impact on the storyline and defying traditional expectations. Their roles in shaping the Asante history serve as a testament to the strength and significance of women in the tumultuous era of the late 16th century Gold Coast.

The highly anticipated second instalment of the book series, ‘A Thousand Suns’, is set for release on October 28, 2023.

Readers can get copies of the first book at Vidya Bookstore or online on Amazon.com.


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