University of Ghana grants amnesty to students who failed to graduate

Former students of the University of Ghana who were denied graduatation after failing their examinations two decades ago have been given a second chance

The University of Ghana has granted amnesty to former students who failed to graduate after failing some courses.

The school said the amnesty will last for three years, from the 2021/22 academic year to 2023/24.

In a statement, the University of Ghana said students who fall into this category must, therefore, take advantage of this window of opportunity.

Register and resit

The University of Ghana said former students who failed in courses starting from the 2000/01 academic year can register to resit those courses. This was agreed by the business and executive committee at a meeting five months ago.

“At its meeting held on 16 April 2020, the business and executive committee approved a general amnesty to students who have failed to graduate from the University of Ghana for one reason or the other,” the statement said

“This dispensation is an opportunity for all affected students to satisfy the necessary requirements to enable them to graduate. The amnesty will be for failed courses starting from the 2000/2001 academic year.”

The university further said that, upon registering, former students will have two years to resit the courses they selected.

As many as you please

The university’s academic affairs directorate will come out soon with a detailed time frame for implementing the amnesty.

“The rollout of this amnesty will be for a period of three years (ie, from the 2021/22 to the 2023/24 academic year. Affected students will have a maximum of two years from their first registration to resit and pass as many courses as they may choose.

“The detailed time frame for implementation will be advertised in due course by the academic affairs directorate,” the statement said.

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