Upper West: NPP regional chairman calls for grassroots engagement to secure victory

He emphasised the importance of humility, grassroots engagement, and relentless effort in the quest for electoral success

The Upper West regional chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), S B Kangbere, has urged party members to seek votes from unexpected sources.

He emphasised the importance of humility, grassroots engagement and relentless effort in the quest for electoral success.

On Sunday, 26 May 2024, the party launched “3rd Elevation of Dombo,” a group dedicated to campaigning for votes for presidential candidate Mahamadu Bawumia and Jirapa parliamentary candidate Ayisha Salifu.

The launch of the group by the NPP is geared towards achieving victory and initiating a a new era of progress and development in the Jirapa constituency.

With the elections on the horizon, chairman Kangbere used the occasion to communicate to both committed party supporters and undecided voters that winning in Jirapa is not only feasible but also within grasp with commitment and perseverance.

Encouraging supporters to transcend challenges and remain unwavering in their dedication to the party, Chairman Kangbere underscored the attainability of victory as long as supporters maintain resolute determination and focus.

“No mountain should be too high for you to climb to try and get it. No valley should be too deep for you to go down to try and get it,” Kangbere said.

He stressed the importance of cooperation and the lengths to which he is willing to go to secure support. “If you see somebody whose cooperation is necessary for you to get even one word from him directly or from some other people indirectly, I, as regional chairman Kangbere, don’t mind kneeling down in front of my child. Nobody is too small to help me. Nobody is too big to ignore me.”

He called on party members to abandon any sense of superiority and engage deeply with the grassroots. “Get out of your high horse. Come to the grassroots,” he urged.

He highlighted the potential surprises that could come from such engagement, noting that unlikely quarters might offer significant electoral support.

“Mingle with the people. You will get a surprise. You may get votes from unlikely quarters.”

In her speech, Salifu Ayisha, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Jirapa, criticised the exploitation of funerals as political platforms, where empty promises are often made to gain support.

She stressed the importance of tangible action over mere rhetoric, saying, “When they come to the funerals, that’s their political campaign. The MP has done well, Honourable, Honourable has done well. Honourable is taking your chance to Accra to get his big position for him or her, for their family, and that is the end of it,” she asserted.

In a plea to the people of Jirapa, Salifu implored them to entrust her with their mandate, promising to tirelessly advocate for their interests. “I am pleading with you, my Jirapa, to send me to the big house,” she urged.

Furthermore, Salifu pledged to seek resources beyond Ghana’s borders for her constituents. “What government cannot provide for me to bring to my people, I know where to go and get it, beyond the shores of Ghana. I am on a crusade. It’s been my message. I’m spreading it, and I will spread it,” she declared with conviction.

Reporting by Alhassan Tajudeen in the Upper West Region

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