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Winifred Lartey writes: Things make hard, but still, we go chop love

The day of romance is here. Valentine’s Day is the most awaited day of the year for any couple. Apparently, love is not cheap, as the years go by Valentine’s Day grows sweeter and more expensive.

The general price level of goods and services in the country saw an increase by 13.9% in January, precipitated by rises in the cost of housing and water, power and fuel – data from Ghana Statistical Service has shown. The COVID-19 also significantly curtailed Ghana’s economic growth momentum.

Among many other factors, the rising cost of goods and services have reduced the excitement in the air today. But the thing is, Valentine’s Day is celebrated all around the world so our economy shouldn’t kill our love spirits.

The popularity of this day has led to the flooding of markets with gifts like cards, flowers, perfumes, candies and most importantly to Ghana, chocolates.

14 February has always been a craze particularly amongst the youth. Young lovers make elaborate plans for celebrating this day. Those without lovers desperately seek dates with a view to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a romantic manner.

Love it, or leave it but there is more to gift giving than we are aware of. Scientists have found that gift giving is humanity’s universal behavior and is a form of reciprocity or exchange that helps build relationships, so we for chop love.

Gift giving is not just a manifestation of modern consumerism, in its core, it is a manifestation of being sociable.

Affordable ways of celebrating love

In celebrating Valentine’s Day, you don’t only give money; you give attention, devotion, and a little bit of chocolates. You don’t have to always buy gifts; you can bake it, cook it or DIY it or you can even write a heartfelt personal message on a blank piece of paper.

Fast forward to this day popular poets like Geoffrey Chaucer and William Shakespeare also popularized Valentine’s Day by writing sweet things about love and intimacy, you can always copy their works and reference them.

Now that you know why gift giving is important, you might feel under pressure, but don’t worry. Buying the right gift isn’t actually that hard, especially when it’s for someone we love.

Remember, there is no such thing as the perfect gift. There are great gifts and good enough gifts. Great gifts show how much you know and appreciate your partner, and good-enough gifts still show your love and attention. Basically, you can’t go wrong.

Relax and put finding a gift into your mind, but don’t try to figure it out right away. Just let it float there while you go about your Monday.

Once in a while ask yourself: Did your partner mention anything they would really like to do? Maybe try a new hobby or a new restaurant? Did they say they really want something but can’t find it anywhere? Did they mention something they’d like to do together?

If nothing comes to mind, expand your thinking. What kind of a person are they? What do they like to do? Could you improve their life with a certain product or activity?

The secret to finding a great gift is to pay attention. I guarantee you’ll find it in just a few hours or even a few minutes if you focus.

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