Easter eggs ; Everyone can be a hen

Late March or early April in every calendar year is eagerly anticipated by many Christians around the globe. It’s EASTER! Incredibly, this period is not a reserve for Christians alone. Everyone joins in. To many, it has become more of a celebration than a remembrance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as observed by Christians. In other parts of the world, an important feature of Easter over the past decades has been the ”Easter Egg” which is often used symbolically to represent special gifts, reductions and other give ways from friends and family. In our part of the world, ”Easter Eggs” are becoming more popular year after year. This may be attributed to changing trends, the influx of foreign businesses and the positive impact of foreign culture. Easter is a time of giving which makes it imperative that you find a way to give as much as you expect to receive. You don’t always have to be a receiver of ”easter eggs”, sometimes you have to lay your own eggs. This year, as we approach Easter, Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online travel agency examines ways in which everyone can be a hen and lay their own easter eggs.


Have a family Reunion – Sometimes we say ”family is all we have got”. In many instances, this is true. Family is important and making them feel special also means inducing a huge amount of happiness for your own self. How about laying a lot of eggs at once for your family? You can organize a small family reunion. This can be at home, in a restaurant or even at the beach. Make some food, get some drinks and let the party begin! It’s time to forge a stronger relationship and settle all pending misunderstandings. A perfect gift for the family. Such big ”Easter eggs” to lay right?


Charity – Easter Eggs are not only for companies and other businesses to give out amazing discounts and surprises to their customers. It’s great to attract customers with all these deals and surprises but what about giving special eggs during this period to some less privileged people? Think about it! What of the disabled, the blind, the deaf and dumb, the homeless, the orphans and even some aged folk? They also need to be loved and enjoy some goodness this easter period. Put a smile on their faces by laying some beautiful easter eggs for them. Visit them, have a nice time eating and drinking while chatting and dancing. At the end of it, leave them with gifts. These can be in any form. A cash donation, clothing, provisions, foodstuff etc. This egg can be laid by both individuals and businesses. Since Easter is synonymous to compassion, this may be the perfect time to show love and compassion to these under privileged persons in our society.


Give discounts – Well, we can’t leave out the originators of the ”Easter Egg”. We all love discounts and reductions don’t we? Yes! It’s around this time that many companies, predominantly online businesses slash huge amounts from their prices. From clothing to food, from electrical gadgets to hotel reservations, there is always a fantastic easter egg deal waiting for you around this period. All you need to do is be vigilant and get to enjoy these amazing offers. In some cases, there are completely free products and services hidden in some easter eggs in certain places. To make it interesting, these companies hide these easter eggs in various places both online and offline. For example, a hotel & flight booking website can hide an easter egg on their homepage or even in a hotel room that has been booked by a guest. When the guest gets to the room, he/she may find that they doesn’t have to pay for the room or maybe they have free meals for their stay. There are usually other amazing egg deals up for grabs. If you run your own business as well, you should endeavour to lay a few eggs. It’s great for marketing and attracting more new customers as well as maintain a good and healthy relationship with your already existing customers.


Gift Someone Special – There are birthdays and there is Christmas. There are anniversaries and there are many other occasions. However, Easter is different. Although it’s the season of surprises, it’s also a period where the expectation of gifts is at the barest minimal. This is the time! What about you lay an egg for that grandma or grandpa, that old friend, that colleague or boss. These people usually feel abandoned or left out of our lives until there is an occasion. You may want to change that. Buy them gifts and reassure them of your love and commitment towards them. You will even realize that you mean more to them than you imagined. The little things we do go a long way in making someone happy. There are many gift ideas so not knowing what to get them shouldn’t be an excuse at all. A trip to a tourist site he/she likes, a mini vacation to their hometown or even a bag filled with many goodies. The options are endless. Make someone special smile this easter.
It’s almost here! Don’t waste time. Just get on with it. Lay some amazing easter eggs and make someone’s Easter a memorable one this year. Everyone can be a hen!
Author : Bennet Otoo , Jumia Travel

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