How Fast is HarmonyOS Replacing Android?

Chinese tech giants Huawei have launched their first device with the HarmonyOS as the operating system. This could just be the first bid of HarmonyOS replacing Google’s Android.

The US placed Huawei on what they term the ‘Entity List’.  This is a blacklist of firms who are restricted from doing business with the US.  In Huawei’s case, their blacklisting is restricting them from having access to certain technologies from US Companies. 

The political situation and its uncertainties are the major reason Huawei had to develop the HarmonyOS. China however sees this adverse situation as an opportunity to enter into the operating systems market. They have so far not been able to make a significant entry into the space.

Richard Yu on HarmonyOS Replacing Android

According to Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Division, their preferred operating system option for their devices is Android.  However ,if the situation still remains in this stalemate, they would have no option than to proliferate the HarmonyOS on devices. 

The Way Forward for HarmonyOS Replacing Android

The HarmonyOS replacing Android could be a likely outcome if the political situation lingers on. Huawei has taken a pragmatic approach to save their business from any hindrances,.  

The OS is part of Huawei’s ‘internet of things’ (IOT) strategy. The strategy is to create a consistent experience across various connected devices through its software. The software will eventually be used across devices from smartphones to smartwatches, and even smart speakers, and in-vehicle systems.  

HarmonyOS in Ghana and Africa

The Chinese company intends to first launch this in China and thereafter embark on their international expansion.  Africa and especially Ghana has seen an aggressive proliferation of smart phones on the market.  Judging from the rate at which Chinese products flood the African market, the continent would begin to see an influx of devices with HarmonyOS replacing Android.

Honor Vision TV with HarmonyOS

Huawei Honor TV - ghanatalksbusiness.com

Last Saturday Huawei launched a Smart TV, named the Honor Vision TV that has the HarmonyOS as its operating system.  It is the first device powered by Huawei’s own operating system.  Could it be the first step towards HarmonyOS replacing Android?   This may be the initial tottering steps in implementing Huawei’s IOT strategy.

Huawei launched Honor Vision TV only a day after they revealed the HarmonyOS. This is a sign of Huawei’s grit to deal with the business uncertainties they face.  And Huawei, would stop at nothing in breaking Google’s dominance with Android.

The Barriers

The possible barriers for Huawei however, would be the uncertainties on the part of users. Another barrier is how quickly the OS can garner the support of developers.  Knowing that developers love to work with the software if users have access to it.  Their shut out of the US market would also be a set-back, as the US still remains a large consumer who could propel the product.

Ghana Talks Business

Ghana Talks Business believes that Richard Yu’s statement on Android being Huawei’s most preferred operating system is a PR stance. It is to minimize how aggressive Huawei might be in pushing the agenda of Harmony OS replacing Android.  And the world should just be on the look out for the HarmonyOS

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