The 10 commandments of business success

The series examines the practices that guarantee entrepreneurial success including employing technology, smart execution, building trust of vital stakeholders, team work, marketing and sales, business development, financial management and more




“Then Peter said, “Silver and gold I do not have, but

what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ

of Nazareth, rise up and walk.”

– Acts 3:6 KJV

“Some people say give the customers what they want,

but that’s not my approach. Our job is to figure out

what they’re going to want before they do. I think

Henry Ford once said, ‘If I’d ask customers what they

wanted, they would’ve told me a faster horse.’ People

don’t know what they want until you show it to them.

That’s why I never rely on market research. Our task is

to read things that are not yet on the page.”

– Steve Jobs, Co-founder, Apple

Business is all about solving problems.

The essence of business is to solve problems for people. Uber is

solving transportation problems. Airbnb is solving

accommodation problems. Samsung is solving electronic and

technology problems. If you desire to succeed in business and

stay long in the game, you must develop the skill for identifying

and solving problems. Tencent Holdings, a-$650 billion

Taiwanese Semi-conductor Manufacturing Company, Alphabet,

Alibaba, Facebook,, Apple, etc. are all solving tech

problems for the world and they are getting huge returns for their

hard work. In fact, someone said that money is the reward for

solving problems, and that could not be further from the truth. It

does not matter what kind of business you may be involved in; if

you are not solving problems for the customer, it will just be a

matter of time for you to be thrown out of business.

Wealth is created by solving problems.


Often, people try to cheat and steal their way to wealth but there

is a simpler way. That way is to solve problems for people. Men

have many problems. Women have their own, and children are

not left out of their own problems too. Old people have needs and

young people also do. Both boys and girls do have problems as

well. If you focus on creating a need to help any of these groups

of people, you will never lack money. Most people are willing to 50

exchange their money with people who can help them solve their

problems. The secret of wealth is in solving problems.

Convert your problem-solving skills into a business.


In as much as solving problems is key to creating wealth, it does

not happen automatically. You may be talented, but you need to

learn how to convert your problem-solving ability into skills that

can earn you income. There are too many talented and gifted

people who have not yet mastered the act of converting their

problem-solving skills into business. There is a time to do things

for free, and there comes a time when you must learn to convert

all your ‘free craft’ into a business that people can pay for. As an

entrepreneur, your success depends on your ability to translate

your problem-solving abilities into an enterprise.


You can do this by either integrating it into an existing service or make it standout

as a separate product or service on its own.



“Seven days you shall keep a sacred feast to the Lord your God in

the place which the Lord chooses, because the Lord your God will

bless you in all your produce and in all the work of your hands,

so that you surely rejoice.” – Deuteronomy 16:15

Believers are expected to do more business because God has

promised to bless whatever we do. This is good news! We cannot 51

do less in business. We should establish more businesses. We can

create technology businesses. We must create businesses in real

estates, manufacturing, electronics and more! Why? Because,

God has promised to bless whatever we do! We have no option

than to do more!



I wisdom dwell with prudence and find out knowledge of witty

inventions.” – Proverbs 8:12 KJV


Intricately connected to developing a winning product or service

comes the idea of witty inventions. We must appreciate the fact

that God can indeed give us an idea for a product or service which

could lead to our breakthrough in business. Can you imagine the

joy and influence of the creators of iPhone, Facebook, Twitter,

Instagram, Uber, etc.? How about products like the smartphone,

video games, electric cars and the likes? And other game-changing products and services that we have in the world today?



“Then Moses answered and said, “But suppose they will not

believe me or listen to my voice; suppose they say, ‘The Lord has

not appeared to you.’ ” 2 So the Lord said to him, “What is that in

your hand?” He said, “A rod.” 3 And He said, “Cast it on the 52

ground.” So he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent; and

Moses fled from it.”

– Exodus 4:2-3


Peter had in his hand the anointing to heal the sick. He had no

money to give to the crippled man as indicated in Acts 3:6. Steve

Jobs had Apple in his hand. Jeff Bezos had in his

hand. The problem is that, too many of us discount what we have

in our hand. You should invest your own resources into a

business before you invite others to do so. In business, it is

important to start with what you have before asking for more from

either God or man.


Everyone has something to offer the world. Business is all about

solving problems for the customer and so you should not discount

what you have once it can make life better for the customer. There

is something God has put inside you as a gift or talent that can be

translated into a product or service to bless the world.

Get this right about your products or services.


In developing products or services for your business, there are

two things you need to take notice of:

  1. The product or service must be something of value

that meets people’s needs.

If you have a product that can meet the needs of the customer, you

will be in business for good. Business thrives on meeting

customer needs. In fact, as an entrepreneur, you must be asking

questions on how best your products are helping customers.

Whatever you are offering customers must seek to meet a specific

need. Your product or service must address a specific need in the


  1. Your products or services must improve human lives.

Sometimes, the quest for financial success makes some

entrepreneurs go to the extreme to develop products that do not

solve the problems they claim or end up destroying the lives of the

users. Human lives matter! Your products and services should

not destroy human lives. This is unfortunate! It is worth noting

that, in cases where products do not meet the communicated

needs of the consumer, some companies have taken bold steps to

withdraw such from the market.




Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still

wiser; Teach a just man, and he will increase in


– Proverbs 9:9 NKJV

“You are your greatest investment. The more you store

in that mind of yours, the more you enrich your

experience, the more people you meet, the more books

you read, and the more places you visit, the greater is

that investment in all that you are. Everything that you

add to your peace of mind, and to your outlook upon

life, is added capital that no one but yourself can


–George Matthew Adam

Knowledge makes a great difference in business.

The impact of knowledge on business cannot be overemphasized.

That is the reason why serious organizations invest a lot in

research and development. This principle applies to any kind of

business, be it trade and manufacturing, telecoms, education,

real estate and construction, etc. Lack of adequate knowledge

about certain details of your business can make you lose money

and opportunities. Ignorance is tantamount to darkness. The

most dangerous thing about darkness is that it prevents you from

seeing opportunities.


The most successful companies in the world are constantly

looking for ideas to develop new products and services. Indeed,

it is their research and intelligence that sets them apart from the


Sony, for instance, invests a lot into research and development.

They do this to satisfy their teeming consumers worldwide. In

fact, there is a stipulated mandatory financial quota that goes into

research. Interestingly, this has kept them at the top of their game

as an electronics company. Arguably, Sony is one of the most

innovative companies in the world today. They are always



Below is a statement on the R&D Center at Sony Corporation:


“The R&D Center is a research and development organisation at

Sony’s headquarters, which plays an innovative role to create

KANDO and social values through technology and expertise. It is

driving cutting-edge research and development in various

locations around the globe, including the laboratories in Japan,

the United States, Europe and Asia. We are striving to create new

technology, products, and services while at the same time,

sustaining Sony Group’s diverse businesses in electronics,

entertainment, and financial fields.”



“And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was

upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the

face of the waters. And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there

was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God

divided the light from the darkness.”

– Genesis 1:2-4 KJV


Five areas of light every business needs.

  1. Product and Service Innovation.

Can you imagine how Alphabet, Facebook, Apple, Samsung,

Boeing, Japan Motors and other multinational firms can

successfully churn out new products if they were not constantly

researching? That’s the power of intelligence in business. Most 57

of these companies succeed because they have the light in the area

of product and service innovation.


  1. Leadership Excellence.

Entrepreneurs who desire to lead their organizations successfully

through any season must learn about the rudiments of

organizations. Leading an organisation is not the same as leading

a family or a church. The dynamics are different, and the

knowledge, skills and expertise are varied too. Every

entrepreneur needs light in the area of organizational leadership.


  1. Financial Management.

Lack of wisdom in proper financial management has been the

bane of several organisations. There are companies that make a

lot of money but lack the needed financial wisdom in managing

these financial resources. The case is even more serious for

startups who lack simple financial management skills.

Entrepreneurs must take financial management very seriously if

they intend to chalk continuous success with their organisations.

  1. Human Resource Management.

People matter in business, and how you treat them will go a long

way to determine the extent to which you will succeed. The

success of Amazon, CNN, Facebook, Twitter, Tesla and

Microsoft is based on the teams they work with. Honestly, as an 58

entrepreneur, you cannot treat your team anyhow and expect to

make strides in business.

  1. 5. Marketing and Sales

In business, it is never enough to have the best product; you must

tell everyone about it. Even if everyone knows you as the best, you

must still re-echo the message. The essence of marketing is to let

the world know of the existence of your product or service. The

better your appreciation of the concept of marketing, the better

your results. This is another area that entrepreneurs need to

master. Irrespective of the field of business you may be in, a

strong knowledge of sales and marketing can make a great

difference. Entrepreneurs are expected to teach a culture of

marketing within the rank and file of the organisation. Simply put,

from the CEO to the security man, everyone must appreciate


“A wise man is strong, yes, a man of knowledge increases

strength.” – Proverbs 24:5 NJKV



“He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned

from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God

was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the


– I John 3:8 NKJV


Doing business without advertising is like winking at

a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but

nobody else does.”

– Steuart Henderson Brit



You have heard it been said that: “Doing business without advertising is like winking to a girl in the dark; you are the only one who knows what you are doing”. You may be good at what you do, but if no one knows about it or

just few people do, you may soon be out of business. Though you

have some customers who will willingly go out of their own way to

promote what you do, that is not their work. You are expected as

the leader of the business to take personal responsibility when it

comes to marketing your business. This is the challenge with

some Christian entrepreneurs. They are in a congregation with

over 500 people but less than 10% of the congregants know what

they do.

“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great

marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

– Joe Chernov




When you study the synoptic gospels carefully, you will

appreciate the fact that Jesus employed a lot of marketing, sales

and branding principles in His ministry. He was keen on what

people thought about Him. He made it distinctively clear that He

was different from the Scribes and Pharisees. He connected with

people who needed Him and solved their problems for them. He

was comfortable with the low-class folks as well as those in the

high ranks. Remember never to discriminate because you can 61

never tell who can buy what you have. Many times, outward

appearances become deceptive!


“Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but

that the works of God should be revealed in him. I must work the

works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming

when no one can work.”

– John 9:3-4 NKJV



There is a difference between sales and marketing. In marketing,

you focus on creating awareness of your existence and what you

have to offer. However, sales focuses on getting the product to

the customer and getting paid for it. Entrepreneurs who only

enjoy ‘making noise’ about their products without strategically

convincing people to buy may be doing their businesses a great



“Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the

customer wants to buy and help them to do so.”

– Bryan Eisenberg


Seize opportunities to tell more people about what you offer.

Honestly, in business there is no level your company can ever get

to where marketing becomes irrelevant. This is the reason why

large multinational corporations like financial institutions still

market their products and services. In fact, for most companies,

there is a stipulated amount of financial resources that is

committed to marketing.


As an entrepreneur, you must focus on marketing wherever you

find yourself. You should never wait for perfect opportunities to

tell people about your products. In fact, you are even expected to

create your own marketing opportunities rather than waiting for

others to do it for you. The only way to keep your business afloat

is to have a strong marketing approach to the business. There

should never be a time when you think that marketing does not

matter. Competition should be enough to inspire you to

constantly promote what you do.




Social media allows big companies to act

small again.”

– Jay Baer


There are more opportunities for marketing today than ever. No

entrepreneur therefore has any excuse for not doing enough. The

advent of social media has made marketing extremely easy. All

you need is your smart phone, and you can reach the world with

your products and services.

To a large extent, there are marketing and communication

companies that specialise in providing related services to

companies to reach their target markets.


“Marketing is telling the world you are a rock star.

Content marketing is showing the world you are


– Robert Rose


Do not stay indoors! Go out there and show the world what

you have! Honestly, if your marketing skills are bad, it will be difficult to

build any great thing. The money is always out there and so you

will be doing yourself a great disservice by always staying indoors.

To be able to sell and make money, you must go out! Go out there

and look for your potential customers. Go out there with your

product in hand. Let the world know what you have to offer. Go

to where they are and where they live! Never wait for them to

come looking for you.


“Clients don’t care about the labour pains; they

want to see the baby.”

– Tim Williams





“He who has a slack hand becomes poor, but the hand

of the diligent makes rich. He who gathers

in summer is a wise son; He who sleeps in harvest is a

son who causes shame.”

– Proverbs 10:4-5 NKJV


“No matter how hard you work, someone else is

working harder.”

– Elon Musk, Founder, Tesla



Yes, He does! You can imagine how this planet would have

become if God had stopped working things out. This is a basic

principle that has been broken severally by some Christian

entrepreneurs. Many erroneously think that being a believer

implies that they do not have to put any effort into what they do.

Many think that being favoured is a replacement for effort, but

though you may be favoured, you still would have to put in the

work needed to succeed.


“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more

I have of it.”

– Thomas Jefferson, Former President of the United States



One of the reasons some Christians fail in business is because of

laziness. In fact, some are just too lazy to work on their

businesses. Somehow, some Christian entrepreneurs expect God

to work things out for their businesses to do well but

unfortunately, that is not how God works. Laziness will kill the

potential of your business. Laziness can make your lose

customers. Laziness can make your lose employees. Laziness can 67

make your lose business opportunities. If you want to be

successful as an entrepreneur, you must put in the work!


A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat,

determination, and hard work.”

– Colin Powell, Former US Defense Secretary




Honestly, that is it! God cannot break His own laws. You must

put in effort to be rewarded. Though prayer and fasting have their

own way of ensuring that the business succeeds, they do not

replace the major role hard work or diligence plays in business

success. Anointing oil and special direction do not replace


“Hard work beats talent if talent does not work hard.”

– Tim Notke, Basketball Coach



How big your business becomes depends on you. It depends

largely on the daily choices you make and how you utilise the 24

hours at your disposal. As an entrepreneur, you are responsible

for the success of your business. The extent to which you would 68

succeed in business depends on the effort you are putting in

today. Nothing can be further from the truth! There is nothing

wrong with prayer and fasting. In fact, as a Christian

entrepreneur, you should do it from time to time, but that is not

an excuse for not working hard enough.




“If you faint in the day of adversity, your

strength is small.”

– Proverbs 24:10 NKJV


“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize

how close they were to success when they gave up.”

– Thomas Edison



Do not let failure stop you. Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Bill

Gates, Oprah Winfrey, etc. have all started businesses that failed.

Nelson has failed in several businesses before starting MBN

Publishing. Myself, I have started businesses that failed. That is

the reality of business. Many times, your business may not do well

in its early years. In fact, most of your earlier businesses may even

fail but you must be determined to keep knocking on the door of

business. It is never easy to see a business that you invested so

much into it fail but it happens all the time in the world of business

due to several factors.


“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance,

learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what

you are doing or learning to do.”

— Pele, Brazil



The challenge most times is not even about the failures in

business. The main issue is entrepreneurs failing to learn vital

lessons from those failures. In fact, as an entrepreneur, if you

keep failing severally in a business, or several businesses, it could

be a sign that you are not learning from your mistakes. This could

be very devastating, because failure is never a pleasant experience

in any case. Failure is a vital product of effort that should not be 71

wasted. Be wise! Do not waste your failures. Learn your lessons

quickly and move on!



Growing a successful business takes time. Irrespective of the field

of business you may be in, chances are that, your success may

come instantly.


“Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit

be in the vines; the labour of the olive shall fail, and the

fields shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the

fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls: Yet I will

rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation.

The Lord God is my strength, and He will make my feet

like hinds’ feet, and He will make me to walk upon mine

high places. To the chief singer on my stringed


– Habakkuk 3:17-19 KJV


Impatience leads some entrepreneurs to employ all kinds of

unethical means in a bid to succeed in business. However, doing

business in God’s way means putting in the effort and leaving the

results for Him. It is always God who gives the increase. 72

As a believer, you need a strong faith to succeed in business.

Why? Business itself is a spiritual battlefield where strong faith is

needed. Why is patience an important virtue in business? It is

because building a successful business takes time. Getting loyal

customers also takes time. Building a globally successful business

takes time. Getting loyal employees takes time. Becoming an

industry leader takes time. Indeed, you cannot build a business in

haste. Business success takes time. Therefore, you need patience

in business.



It is good to have the spirit of perseverance but that is never

enough. There are persistent people who are lazy and generally

and terribly slow in life. To make the best of your business, you

must take a step further by adding intensity to perseverance.

To be intense is to put in more hard work than you ordinarily

would do. I published my first book in 2013. In September 2017,

I and my wife [now] published another book. In the following

years, we published a book each year. In 2020, at the height of

the pandemic, we published six new books. That is six books in a

year. That is what we mean by intensity of work. If you want to

accomplish great things in life, you must not only be persistent

but you must also employ intensity in your work




“It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.”


“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom:

and with all thy getting get understanding.”

– PROVERBS 4:7, 8 KJ


Technology has taken over the world of business much faster than

anticipated as we can see in the various sectors of the economy.

Not just that, it has also changed the way we used to do business.

Today, irrespective of whatever field of business you find

yourself, the impact of technology can be clearly seen and felt.

Right from start-ups to multinationals, we can see technology

impacting greatly on the various aspects of business operations,

ranging from procurement, production, inventory, delivery,

marketing, sales, accounting, HR, etc. There is no fact denying

that we live in the age of rapid technological development.

Technology has changed the way we look at and do everything,

especially in business.



Obviously, technology has had positive effects on business, and

one of such ways is the convenience and ease of doing business.

One of the greatest benefits of technology is convenience. With

mobile applications, it is now easier to shop while sitting at the

comfort of your home, office, church or wherever you may find

yourself. Information is just a click away. You can contact people

for information and get it within a second! You can request for

things and get them delivered without having to wait for a whole

month. People have instant access to everything they could

possibly want to know. It is now much easier for businesses to 75

reach potential customers around the globe, no matter how big or

small their operation is. That is technology for you!



Another benefit of technology is that it provides a level playing

field for both small and big businesses. Business has become

more competitive today than the last decade. With technology, a

small business can compete with a multi-million-dollar

corporation without anyone realising just how small the company

  1. Everything is faster and easier to access because of technology.

They all have access to education, financial advice, e-commerce

tools and security softwares to help them flourish and keep their

customers engaged.



Today, it is not uncommon to find most organisations holding

virtual meetings instead of the traditional staff meetings. In fact,

most companies are now even running shifts, thanks to Corona

Virus. Technology also helps a business to understand its cash

flow needs and preserve precious resources such as time and

physical space. Remember that these essential resources

determine the efficiency of the company. Warehouse inventory

technologies enable business owners to understand how best to 76

manage the storage costs of holding a product and how to plan

properly to maximise associated costs. More so, with proper

technology in place today, executives can save time and money by

holding meetings over the internet instead of holding them at the

corporate headquarters all the time.


Human resource, marketing and sales, finance and the likes have

all become easier with the advent of technology. You can imagine

how business operations used to be before the advent of

technology. Today, it is easy to see the significant effects

technology has brought on business operations. No matter the

size of your enterprise, technology has both tangible and

intangible benefits that will help you make money and produce

the results your customers demand. Technological infrastructure

affects the culture, efficiency and the relationship a business has

with its staff, customers and stakeholders. It also affects the

security of confidential information and trade advantages.


Also, in terms of HR, technology creates team dynamics within a

business because employees at different locations have better

interactions. For example, with technology, factory managers can

communicate with shipment coordinators at different locations.

With this, work relationship tensions and distrust are less likely

to evolve. Cliques and social tensions can become a nightmare for

a business but technology often helps workers put their different 77

backgrounds aside and work towards the greater good of the




One can clearly see this with social media and AI. Unlike the past,

today, companies can easily reach out to customer requests and

attend to them within the shortest possible time. In effect,

technology affects a firm’s ability to communicate with customers

in no time. In today’s busy business environment, it is necessary

for employees to interact with clients quickly and clearly.

Websites and social media platforms allow customers to find

answers to their questions in a timely manner and also saves them

time and energy by not moving physically to the premises of the

business. Fast shipment options allow businesses to move

products over a large geographic area.


In the area of reputation management, it affords organisations to

quickly address all customer complains as and when they come in.

When customers use technology to interact with a business, the

business benefits because better communication creates a

stronger public image. This is good for business!



Technological developments come with side effects like cyber

fraud, network connectivity and stability issues, high data cost

and so on. Clearly, most businesses of the modern era are subject 78

to security threats and vandalism, and this makes issues of

security and data protection especially important. Technology

can be used to protect financial data, confidential executive

decisions and other proprietary information that lead to

competitive advantages. Simply put, technology helps businesses

keep their ideas away from their competition. By having

computers with passwords, a business can ensure none of its

forthcoming projects will be copied by the competition.


“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”

–Christian Lous Lange, Historian




With technology, it is now easier for a business to carry out

research on anything of interest to its operations or to enhance its

competitiveness in the marketplace. A business that has the

technological capacity to research new opportunities will stay a

step ahead of its competition. For a business to survive, it must

grow and acquire new opportunities. The internet allows a

business to virtually travel into new markets without the cost of an

executive jet or the risks of creating a factory abroad. With the

internet, all these can be done easily.


“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you

don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.”

– Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft



As good as technology is, it is also important to state that, it has

own side effects. One of the biggest complaints about

technology’s impact on business is the lack of human interaction.

As you should know, it is more difficult to build a loyal and

trusting relationship with clients and business contacts when you

may never meet them physically. A company can have clients for

decades without ever actually interacting with them. The personal

touch is much harder when competing with millions of other

websites for a customer’s loyalty.


Many aspects of a business are made easier with every

technological advancement. This also means that there are

upgrades, software acquisition, training and other expenses






“A big mistake that entrepreneurs make is thinking they are all

alone, and they try to operate independently without

surrounding themselves with wise counsel. Do not try to run a

new business by yourself. Find and bring onboard trustworthy

seasoned advisors to discuss your business ideas, strategy,

challenges, and progress. Wisdom and power exist in the

multiplicity of counsel. Incentivise four to six people to join your

company as advisors to receive continuous feedback so that

fewer mistakes will occur.”

– James Zimbardi, Chief Executive Officer, Rent Items


“If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of

hearing be? If the whole body were an ear, where would the

sense of smell be? But in fact God has placed the parts in the

body, every one of them, just as He wanted them to be. If they

were all one part, where would the body be? As it is, there are

many parts, but one body.”

– I Corinthians 12:17-20



No matter how gifted or talented you may be as an entrepreneur,

there is a limit to how far you can go without a strong team behind

you. Entrepreneurs who downplay teamwork do not go far in


In our book titled, The Top 21 Startup Mistakes Every

Entrepreneur Must Avoid in Business, we wrote:


“It is not a strange thing to see entrepreneurs trying to hustle all by

themselves, going through the emotions by themselves, thinking,

planning, executing all by themselves. Often, especially at the

start of most businesses, it is common to see the entrepreneur or

founders becoming everything from being the cleaner, the front

desk executive, the marketer, the operations executive, the

salesman and the managing director. In some cases, you will find

the entrepreneur even being their own legal representative,

downloading and customising legal documents to suit their

purposes. This is a norm for most startups and that cannot

necessarily be classified as a mistake. The mistake entrepreneurs

make, however, is not learning when and how to transition from

being the go-getter utility player to being the leader with adequate

team building and team management skills set.”


“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

– Proverbs 27:17



Building and growing a business requires the ability to lead

people towards a properly defined vision and SMART goals. It

also requires the potential to recognise when you need help and

the humility to ask for it. Successful entrepreneurs must be great

managers and outstanding leaders, consistently focusing on

identifying, grooming and challenging great talents through

constant capacity building, effective delegation and a well monitored feedback system. Businesses are built by people.


Often the successes of businesses are attributed to individuals

who tend to be the poster boys and girls of the companies. The

founders and CEOs are the people we hear about, see and listen

  1. They are the ones that receive the awards and recognition, the

ones who lead product launches and stand in the line of fire. They

are the ones we admire and aspire to be like.


“Two are better than one, because they have a good return

for their labour: If either of them falls, one can help the

other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help

them up.”

– Ecclesiastes 4:9-10



The way some entrepreneurs treat the team members who crack

their brains to make things work leaves much to be desired.

Honestly speaking, some entrepreneurs must learn to treat team

members with respect and dignity. As entrepreneurs, we must

understand that when it comes to our businesses, our staff are

more important than the physical infrastructure, family members,

wives (unless they are part of the executive team), girlfriends,

boyfriends, friends and the like. Too many entrepreneurs rather

invest money in people outside the business than those who work

day and night to keep the business running! This is a grave

mistake that must be avoided!


“Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a

common vision; the ability to direct individual

accomplishments toward organisational objectives. It is

the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon


– Andrew Carnegie



Finally, as an entrepreneur, your team is your greatest asset. The

day you discover this, your life and business will take on a new

dimension. Indeed, without your team, there is no business, so 84

please take time to know the people you are working with and

invest in them. Never take your staff for granted! Show interest in

their personal affairs. Support them in the best way you can.


“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is

progress. Working together is success.”

– Henry Ford, Founder, Ford Motor Company.




“After [Judas had taken] the piece of bread, Satan

entered him. Then Jesus said to him, “WHAT YOU



– John 13:27 Amplified Bible


“It is much easier to propose than to execute.”

– David Noonan Aesop and the CE



As Christian ministers, we believe in prayer and in making

strategic declarations for your business. They have very vital roles

to play in business success. But truth be told, making those

positive confessions and declarations without putting in the

needed effort will yield no result. Anointing oil and prophetic

directions are not replacements for hard work and diligence. In

fact, even paying good tithes and offerings without diligence

cannot grow your business. Whoever told you otherwise may be

deceiving you.


“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might;

for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in

the grave where you are going.”

– Ecclesiastes 9:10 NKJV



When you study the synoptic gospels very well, you will arrive at

this destination – Jesus was a man who was committed to action.

It was uncommon to find Jesus tell His disciples something and

not demonstrate it the next minute. He was driven more by His

actions than His words. He spoke extraordinarily little and did



“I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it

is day; the night is coming when no one can work.”

– John 9: 4 NKJV


As an entrepreneur, you can learn this from Jesus. Put your plans

on paper but never let those plans remain there. In fact, you

should be interested in implementation than just planning all the

time.  Business success does not respond to only words and plans!

Business success does not respond to just words. Even plans and

strategies are never enough. Corporate strategy sessions do not

produce results without actions. Marketing and sales strategy

sessions do not bring customers automatically without actions.

Financial management strategies do not yield results without

commitment to practicing them. After all the strategy sessions,

you must inspire your team to ‘get their hands dirty.’ That is the

way to get results.


“You do not write your life with words… You write it with

actions. What you think is not important. It is only

important what you do.”

– Patrick Ness



Too many believers are lackadaisical when it comes to business.

It seems some are just in a hurry to die and go to heaven. But God

created the earth for us. He wants us to dominate the affairs of this

life including business. We must understand that a lukewarm

attitude cannot grow a successful business. Many times, it is not

even about the kind of business you may be engaged in or even

the location per se, it is your attitude to work that makes the

difference. You can become a millionaire by selling water! You

can become a global entrepreneur by trading in clothing! You can

become a national hero by providing technology solutions to

hospitals and schools. You do not need to own a bank to succeed

as an entrepreneur. All you need is diligence. If you put in the

effort, you will succeed big time!


“Not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord.”

– Romans 12:11 NKJV





“Integrity is better capital than money. You can

accumulate it just like money, and you can use it just

like money, but it goes further, and is enduring.”

– Strive Masiyiwa Founder & Executive Chairman,

Econet Wireless Group


A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches,

loving favor rather than silver and gold.”

– Proverbs 22:1



Billionaire Investor Warren Buffet, Chairman and CEO of


Berkshire Hathaway said:

“In looking for people to hire, look for three qualities: integrity,

intelligence, and energy. And if they do not have the first one, the

other two will kill you.”


One of the keys to success in business is integrity. If you are

dishonest, you may not enjoy doing business for the long term.

Business success and sustainability strives on the anvil of trust,

honesty and integrity. Dishonesty and character flaws cannot be

hidden forever. You may try to hide them, but they do always show

up later! A person’s dishonesty will eventually catch up with

them. It may not be today and it may not be for many years, but

you can be rest assured that at some point there will always be a

day of reckoning. It is always better to be honest with the

stakeholders you engage in business with.


“He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread: but he that

followeth after vain persons shall have poverty enough. A faithful

man shall abound with blessings: but he that maketh haste to be

rich shall not be innocent.”

– Proverbs 28:19-20 KJV


We have a word of advice for those who are striving for a

reputation of integrity: avoid those who are not trustworthy. Do

not do business with them. Do not associate with them. Do not

make excuses for them. Do not allow yourself to get enticed into

believing that “while they may be dishonest with others, they

would never be dishonest with me.”


If someone is dishonest in any aspect of his life, you can be

guaranteed that he will be dishonest in many aspects of his life.

You cannot dismiss even those little acts of dishonesty, such as

the person who takes two newspapers from the stand when they

paid for only one. After all, if a person cannot be trusted in the

simplest matters of honesty, then how can they possibly be

trusted to uphold lengthy and complex business contracts?

Stealing, cheating and lying are not sustainable in business.


There are entrepreneurs who have managed to convince

themselves that until they cheat, steal and lie their way through

business, they can never make it. But that is a big lie! In fact,

people who operate with that mindset never get far in business. It

is always better to do business genuinely than to focus on stealing.

There is nothing greater than a good name! A good name can

open bigger doors for you. A good name will make you wealthy in

the end, though it may not be easy initially. With a good name, it

may take long for the money to come, but when it starts coming

in, it never stops!


“A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches,

loving favor rather than silver and gold.”

– Proverbs 22:1


Treat your customers well. Respect them. Give them the

necessary assistance. Never be rude towards them, not matter

how they try to provoke you. An entrepreneur with a strong

character will always triumph and go far in business. Always go for

a good name. It will open greater doors for you in the future.

The end does not justify the means!

In our book titled, The 15 Remarkable Attributes of

Successful Entrepreneurs, we wrote:


“It is unfortunate! Today, we live in a world where “the end

justifies the means” has become an acceptable school of thought

for far too many. Salespeople overpromise and under deliver, all

in the name of making their quota for the month. Applicants

exaggerate in job interviews because they desperately need a job.

If you have ever been involved in conducting interviews and

selecting candidates, you will agree on this. And of course, Chief

Executives overstate their projected earnings because they do not 93

want the board of directors to replace them. Entrepreneurs

overstate their pro forma invoices because they want the highest

valuation possible from an investor.

Investors understate a company’s value to negotiate a lower

valuation in a deal. Customer service representatives cover up a

mistake they made because they are afraid the client will leave

them. Employees call in “sick” because they do not have any more

paid time off when they just need to get their Christmas shopping

done. The list could go on and on, and in each case the person

committing the act of dishonesty told themselves they had a

perfectly valid reason why the result justified their lack of




Successful entrepreneurs are very humble in their disposition. A

successful entrepreneur was recently asked, “What is the biggest

lesson you’ve learned in business?” His answer? “Always be

down to earth and approachable. The day your arrogance or ego

kicks in, it is all over. Always remember, no matter how big you

become you will still always be a drop in the ocean in the grand

scheme of things.” Of course, we have observed how several startups and even established organizations have lost life-changing

business opportunities because of arrogance.

Here is a story of how dishonest people lose out in life:

A woodman lost his axe into the river when it glanced off a tree he

was felling. Mercury (the God) appeared while the man was

lamenting his loss, and on hearing his tale dived into the river, and

recovered a golden axe. “That’s not mine,” said the woodman, so

Mercury returned it to the river, resurfacing this time with a silver

axe. “That’s not mine,” again said the woodman, and again

Mercury returned it to the river, resurfacing this time with the

woodman’s own axe. “That’s mine,” said the grateful woodman.

Mercury promptly rewarded the man for his honesty by giving him

the golden and silver axes as well. On hearing the woodman’s tale,

an envious friend set out to do as the woodman had done, visiting

the same spot and deliberately losing his axe in the river. Just as

before, Mercury appeared and dived in to recover the lost axe.

When Mercury produced a golden axe, the man greedily

stretched out for it claiming, “That’s mine.” Mercury, not best

pleased with the man’s dishonesty, held on to the golden axe, and

refused to recover the original. The man’s dishonesty made him lose his original axe. Can you

imagine that?


Ryan Freitas,, Co-Founder, argues that, “Your

reputation is more important than your paycheck, and your

integrity is worth more than your career.” That could not be

further from the truth!


Young Ugandan entrepreneur Akish

Takkar reveals to Forbes Africa in a recent interview:

“Establishing a thriving business in Africa depends on your

honesty, integrity and truth – hence, getting off to the right start

you must HIT the ground running. Honesty, integrity and truth

must be the bedrock of your corporate values, work ethic and all

business operations. Africans are very keen on honest

businesspeople who operate with integrity and tell their clients

and employees the truth, even when it is difficult. Despite the

media’s overarching view that African leaders, businesses, and

citizenry are wrought with corruption, I believe that Africans

expect and deserve transparency and truth. I know that my

success as an entrepreneur is because of my core spiritual premise

of truth. Personally, I know for sure that honesty is indeed not

only the best policy; but it is the only way for long term customer

and business partnership loyalty, profitability, and success”.




David K. Williams, Chairman and Founder of Restore

Cryotherapy Mountain West, in his book titled, “The Seven Non

-Negotiables of Winning,” says “If trust is lacking, take the

necessary steps to allow this vital unmeasurable to improve. The

foundation of trust will permeate every aspect of your company;

the people, the products they produce, and the corporate culture.

Therefore, we consider trust to be a non-negotiable trait.”


We cannot agree more! Integrity is simply one of the remarkable

attitudes you can find in enormously successful entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur should have integrity as the basic principle in

running a business.


This integrity is reflected through honesty, persistence, tenacity

and the ability to compete fairly. Why is integrity crucial?

Basically, businesses are quite rapidly growing, and many

business owners run a similar business or even the same business.

The continual business development will be well-handled and

effectively managed when the business owners are persons of

strong integrity in business.



In pursuing integrity in business, it is also important to be in the

good books of your stakeholders. Beyond customers, other vital

stakeholders include industry players, regulators, suppliers,

bankers, employees and the community where do your business.

Remember that when things become difficult for you, you may

need some of these people to stand in for you.


Amy Ress Anderson, Contributor for Forbes Magazine says that:


“Success will come and go, but integrity is forever. Integrity means

doing the right thing always and, in all circumstances, whether

anyone is watching. It takes courage to do the right thing, no

matter what the consequences will be. Building a reputation of

integrity takes years, but it takes only a second to lose, so never

allow yourself to ever do anything that will damage your




Most of us as entrepreneurs are guilty when it comes to

pampering customers. Probably, that is why we have not gotten to

where God wants us to be in business yet. In fact, some of us need

to go back to school and learn about customer service. Besides,

some of us need to revise the old notes we have accommodated

about customers.


It is sad but it looks like some entrepreneurs are not in business

to serve customers but just to make money. Importantly, that is

not a good way to do business. As an entrepreneur, your business

exists because of customers. You are there to serve them. When

you lose customers, your business ends. This is particularly

important, and every entrepreneur who desires to last in business

must embrace this philosophy.


A satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement.”

– G. S. Alag



The essence of business is to have a positive influence on society.

You are in business as an entrepreneur to improve the wellbeing

of humanity. You are not just in business to make money, buy

houses and cars for your personal enjoyment. You have a

responsibility to make your society better, especially your

immediate environment.


How do you do this? You can make provision for a certain

percentage of your profit for what is normally called corporate

social responsibility. You can invest in a poor school in your

community. You can adopt some brilliant but needy students in

your area and support them. You can offer scholarship to pupils

and students either in your community or an adopted community.

You can also do something for the women entrepreneurs in your

community. In fact, you can also initiate a special

entrepreneurship programme for the young people in your



We can all support our communities in creative ways. Let us not

leave everything to the government!




“A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes merry;

but money answers everything.”

– Ecclesiastes 10:19 NKJV


“Too many people spend money they earned…to buy

things they don’t want…to impress people that they

don’t like.”

– Will Rogers



Every entrepreneur should have a basic knowledge of accounting.

This is especially important. Lack of financial knowledge among

several entrepreneurs is a big problem. There are entrepreneurs

who know next to nothing about what it takes to manage money.


Their prime interest seems to be on just looking for money. They

do everything to get the money only to sadly lose it in the end. But

if your vision is to build a globally successful business, you must

be concerned about your financials as businesspeople. You must

keep a keen eye on your expenditure as a business. Poor financial

management is the number one reason why several businesses

fail. Nothing could be further from the truth.


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

– Benjamin Franklin


Look for creative ways to reduce operations cost.

One way you can manage your finances properly as an

entrepreneur is to reduce operations cost. In fact, when it comes

to operations cost, you must constantly think through creative

ways of cutting it down. If you do this well, your business will

improve. The challenge with most businesspeople is that, they

lose sight of financial management when the money starts 101

flowing. Often, they forget that the money may not always be



“Financial peace isn’t the acquisition of stuff. It’s learning to live

on less than you make, so you can give money back and have

money to invest. You can’t win until you do this.”

– Dave Ramsey



Every business has its streams of income and the best you can do

as an entrepreneur is to ensure that these income streams are

properly taken care of. Cash is the lifeblood of every business and

once the money stops flowing, your business dies. If you look at

cash this way, your major concern as entrepreneur will be on

ensuring there is constant cash flow for the business.


There is a strong relationship between cash flow, marketing and

sales. Entrepreneurs who understand this relationship do better

in business! If there is no money, you should ask yourself in you

are putting enough effort into promoting your products and




Most entrepreneurs seem to be happy with good revenue but that

is not the real deal. As an entrepreneur, you should always be

interested in the profit margins. That is what sustains the 102

business. The profitability of a business goes a long way to

determine how it is extremely easy to be lost in the moment when

you see the cash flow coming in. Often, entrepreneurs fail to note

that all the cash flow does not belong to the business. Suppliers

must be taken off. Taxes must be paid. Operations cost must also

be taken care of.





Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be

not high-minded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in

the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;

that they do good, that they be rich in good works,

ready to distribute, willing to communicate.”

— 1 Timothy 6: 17-18 KJV


“The best philanthropy is constantly in search of

finalities-a search for a cause, an attempt to cure evils

at their source.”

– John Davies Rockefeller



Zimbabwean Christian billionaire, Strive Masiyiwa and his wife

Tsitsi Masiyiwa, recently launched a $100 million fund to invest

in rural entrepreneurs in his home country. This is among the

many philanthropic initiatives he has undertaken over the years as

a businessman.


“My wife and I have decided to set up a special fund of $100

million over 5 years for ReImagine Rural in Zimbabwe. We have

also challenged our friends in the philanthropy community to join

us to expand it across Africa,” he announced via a press


The $100 million ‘Masiyiwa Rural Challenge Fund’ will be

funded solely by the Zimbabwean billionaire. The funds will be

disbursed as loans to beneficiaries through Steward Bank, a

Zimbabwean-based commercial bank that is controlled by the

Masiyiwa Family. The minimum loan will be $1,000 while the

maximum amount will be $10,000.


The loans will require no collateral and the maximum interest rate

for the loans will be 5%. Masiyiwa says the repayments will be

channeled into a revolving fund to absorb as many rural

entrepreneurs as possible. All entrepreneurs who apply for the

loan will be required to undergo training before accessing the

loans and there will be no political lobbying for support. The 105

programme is expected to launch fully by the second quarter of

the year.


A spokesperson for Masiyiwa did not respond to a

request for comment at the time of publishing this post.

Strive Masiyiwa and his wife Tsitsi are among Africa’s most

recognisable philanthropists. They are the founders of

the Higherlife Foundation, a non-profit organisation that is

empowering vulnerable children through education and creating

opportunities for incredibly talented young people. Through one of

the largest scholarship programmes in Africa, the Foundation

pays the school fees for 30,000 students annually in Zimbabwe,

Lesotho and Burundi who they call their ‘history makers.’


Masiyiwa, who is worth $2.5 billion according to FORBES, is the

founder of Econet, one of the leading mobile telecoms companies

in Africa. He is globally recognised as the founder of Africa’s

telecoms giant Econet Wireless Group with presence in almost

over 5 continents.


This is what a born-again Christian can do for the kingdom and

the world if they are able to create massive wealth through

business and entrepreneurship. We need more Christian




How do we take care of the poor if we are not wealthy? How do

you build more businesses, schools, hospitals, clinics, etc. if we 106

do not have the needed financial resources? How do we build

community empowerment centers? How do we construct more

churches and finance missionary works if we are not wealthy?

These and many more are the reasons we must take the subject of

business and wealth creation more seriously.


“It is easy to love the people far away. It is not always easy

to love those close to us…. This is where our love for each

other must start.”

– Mother Teresa


Lev Leviev, Israeli business magnate, billionaire and

philanthropist, has made a name for his flamboyant and

aggressive charitable giving to communities.


He has donated more money to charity, both in sum, total and in

percentage amount, than most of the other wealthiest people in

the world. His business, according to him, is to make money but

he does so to serve GOD better. But God does not ask that more

than a 10 or 20 percent commission be paid to charity. Now, that

is the kind of person we call a Financial Evangelist.


None other could suffice. Lev has however done this exemplary

gesture for years. The net effect is that he has been blessed with

riches because he is a responsible steward of that blessing. The

interesting thing about Lev is that unlike most successful 107

entrepreneurs, he started giving back to God and country at an

early stage. He began to give away his fortune. His goals were to

tithe 10 percent of his income every year, but he soon found

himself giving far more than that. Some years, it was 20 percent.

Other years it was 30%. He founded Jewish Day Schools in the

former Soviet States.


“Life’s persistent and most urgent question is “What are

you doing for others?”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

His latest goal according to sources is to provide a free Jewish

education for any American Jewish child who wants one. Nathan

Sharansky made a startling remark about him, “I know a lot of rich

people who give money. But Leviev is on a completely different

level. He’s building entire communities.”


Come to think of it, as a teenager, he arrived in Israel with literally

the rags on his back. He and his family escaped the Soviet Region

of Bukahara and reached Israel in 13th May, 1971. He had

ventured into the diamond trading business after an attempt at

rabbinical studies. The rest they say is history!”


“A certain amount of corporate philanthropy is simply

good business and works for the long-term benefit of the


– John Mackey


Business Leader Phil Libin, Evernote CEO, could not have put it

better: “There’s lots of bad reasons to start a company. But

there’s only one good, legitimate reason, and I think you know

what it is: it’s to change the world.”


Ashish J. Thakkar is a less than 40 years, but in a little over two decades, the Ugandan-born maverick entrepreneur has accomplished what only few attain in their

lifetime. Thakkar began his entrepreneurial journey over 15

years ago as a high school student in Uganda where he sold

computers to his schoolmates and friends. That small trading

operation snowballed into the Mara Group, a diversified

conglomerate with approximately $100 million in revenues,

according to Thakkar. Mara has tentacles in everything from real

estate and tourism to financial services, information and

communications technology, renewable energy and

manufacturing. The group’s operations span 16 countries in four

continents, including Asia. And lest you forget, he didn’t inherit

anything; he built it all from scratch.


When he was recently interviewed by Forbes Africa Magazine, his

response was inspiring:


My biggest driver is to see Africa

prosper and compete aggressively on a global scale. I am deeply

passionate about this and firmly believe that the Indian Tiger and

the Chinese Dragon have had their days and it is now time for the

African Lion! Mara Group proudly wears the logo of the African

Lion to symbolise Africa’s coming of age and we champion this

cause in any way we can.”


He continues by stating what the Mara Group does to uplift the

communities in which it does business. “I believe it is imperative

for businesses to give back to their communities. I have taken my

greatest lessons in business and created the Mara Foundation to

help early-stage entrepreneurs. We are immensely proud of the

work we do through the Foundation which is helping to tackle

problems in education and providing much needed support to

young entrepreneurs at the start of their journey.


Mara Foundation provides three different types of support. The

first is the Entrepreneur Launchpad, a business mentorship

programme which connects emerging entrepreneurs with top

business leaders who have volunteered to provide mentorship for

six months. This project has mentored around 120 small

businesses in East Africa so far. The second is Mara Launchpad,

the base for growing businesses, an innovation and enterprise

centre for young businesses, where entrepreneurs pay an 110

affordable fee to access a professional office space and a

community of like-minded individuals.


This provides visibility and credibility which enables them to grow. The third element is

the Mara Launch Uganda Fund, which offers venture capital to

startups and growth-stage companies in Uganda to start with.

Our vision is to copy and paste these initiatives in other African

countries too.”


“I was fortunate to get a scholarship when I went to

Lehigh University and Princeton…. Somebody was kind

enough to spend their money to educate people that they

would never get to know. That’s what I think

philanthropy is about.”

– Lee Iacocca


Dear Christian Entrepreneur, God wants you to succeed in

business so you can transform your society. He also wants you to

do well so you can become wealthy and finance His kingdom. He

is ready to partner you and ensure your business prospers, so

arise and put your hands to work!

Nelson Semanu Boandoh-Korkor
Lead Publishing Consultant, MBN Books Ltd

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