Citizens of 167 countries live in Ghana

Data compiled by the Foreigner Identification Management Systems (FIMS), a private partner of the National Identification Authority (NIA) registering foreigners legally resident in Ghana, has issued ID cards to foreigners of 167 different nationalities.

22,393 Foreigners issued ID cards
Between January and August 2019, the Foreigner Identification Management Systems has issued cards to 22,393 foreigners resident in Ghana.

It comprises 15,679 foreign residents who have renewed their ID cards and 6,714 fresh applicants who were also issued ID cards.

Foreigners are required to renew their ID cards each.

Consequently, the Foreigner Identification Management Systems has embarked on a mass registration exercise from September 9, and will end October 31, 2019.

The exercise is taking place at the Accra International Conference Centre.
Foreigners need the ID card to apply for resident’s permit. Registration of foreigners for ID cards started in the year 2012.

15,679 Foreigners renew ID cards
Providing further details, Head of Corporate Affairs of the NIA, Assistant Comptroller of Immigration (ACI) Francis Palmdeti told The Finder that 15,679 foreigners legally resident in Ghana have renewed their foreigners ID cards between January and August 2019.

ID card renewals by foreigners in previous years
He explained that the number of ID card renewals during the same period for previous years are 2016 – 14,303; 2017 – 15,621; 2018 – 16,320; and 2019 – 15,679.

6,714 First-time applicants issued ID cards

During the same period, he said 6,714 first-time applications by foreigners legally resident in Ghana were also processed and cards issued to applicants.

First issuance of ID cards to foreigners in previous years
According to him, the number of cards issued to foreigners between January and August in previous years are 2016 – 8,886; 2017 – 9,082; 2018 – 8,277; and 2019 – 6714.

6,022 Chinese issued ID cards
ACI Palmdeti, revealed that 6,022 Chinese citizens have been issued foreigners’ identification cards, which is the highest on the list.

3,434 Indians issued ID cards
He added that Indians emerged second highest with 3,434 citizens resident in Ghana who have been issued foreigners’ identification cards.

1,617 Nigerians issued ID cards
He noted that the number of Nigerians who have been issued foreigners ID cards amounted to 1,617.

1,153 Americans issued ID cards
The Head of Corporate Affairs of the NIA stated that a total of 1,153 citizens of the United States of America have been issued foreigners’ identification cards.

Other nationalities in top 10 countries
ACI Palmdeti gave the breakdown of the other countries that constitutes the top as Lebanon – 579, United Kingdom – 532, South Africa – 458, Germany – 383, Philippines – 399, and France – 300.

375,000 Registered legal permanent residents

There are about 375,000 registered legal permanent residents in Ghana, as well as foreign workers and students.

Credit: Finder

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