Breathing easy: Five strategies to protect yourself from Ghana’s polluted air

Both adults and kids can experience harmful health issues if exposed to polluted air for prolonged durations, hence, it is necessary to follow steps to protect ourselves

Global health issues are being caused by air pollution, particularly in urban areas. In reality, recent research found that nearly all of us are breathing air that is contaminated.

Millions of people around the world are affected negatively by air pollution, which is a serious threat to human health.

The air quality in Accra has further worsened after the harmattan resurfaced in the month of February.

Continue reading to understand effective ways that can help protect your family from the current air quality.

1. Wear a mask when outdoors

Face masks are good to use if the air is exceptionally poor on any given day, but they don’t provide complete protection from contaminated air. Industrial masks are thought to be the most effective, yet even the most basic ones can filter out bigger particles like dust. Some masks are designated as N-95 or P-100 and may come with disposable respirators.

2. Plant air-purifying plants in your home

Some plants have a reputation for clearing interior air and reducing air pollution. They are useful to have in residences and workplaces. These plants may not be as effective as air purifying machines. However, they are extremely cost-efficient and very affordable. Some of such plants are Peace Lily, Aloe Vera, Weeping Fig, Boston Fern, Spider Plant, Bamboo Palm, Chrysanthemum and English Ivy.

3. Avoid outdoor activities

When there is a lot of pollution, avoid exercising outside. Use an exercise machine or go for a walk indoors in a mall or gym when the air quality is poor. If the air quality is poor, restrict how much time your child spends playing outside.

4. Invest in air purifiers

Air purifiers might be on the expensive side but nothing is more important than good health. Investing in an air purifier is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to enhance indoor air quality and reduce the health hazards brought on by household pollution. By dramatically lowering the number of contaminants in your space, air purifiers can help you breathe clean air.

5. Inculcate healthy eating

A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and healthy fats may provide defence against some of the negative effects of air pollution. Make sure you are consuming the recommended amounts of vitamins so that your immunity grows stronger. Green tea with herbs can help combat some of the negative effects.

To protect our health, we must protect ourselves from air pollution.

We can take proactive measures to safeguard ourselves and our communities from the damaging effects of air pollution by remaining informed, minimising exposure, creating clean indoor spaces, wearing protective masks when necessary, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, supporting green initiatives, and advocating for the transition to clean energy.

Strictly follow these tips to ensure you and your kids stay safe from air pollution.



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