Gyan brothers accused of tennis court assault

A tennis player says Baffour Gyan and his younger brother Asamoah Gyan assaulted him during a tennis match at the Army Officers’ Mess in the 37 area of Accra

A tennis player, Gideon Martey, has accused the former Ghanaian international footballer Baffour Gyan and his younger brother, Asamoah Gyan, of assault.

Narrating his account of the incident to #AsaaseSports, Martey said he had been invited by a friend to train at the Army Officers’ Mess in the 37 area of Accra last night (14 October).

Martey, who is also the chief executive officer of Websoft Solutions, told #AsaaseSports that the incident began after he expressed his dissatisfaction with the umpire’s handling of the game.

Calls for neutral umpire

“As the game proceeded, I realised that most of the controversial points that were in my favour were awarded to Asamoah Gyan.

“In the first place, I was not comfortable with the fact that the umpire, Baffour, was a brother to Asamoah Gyan. This went on for a while, so I got uncomfortable and suggested we fix a proper match with a neutral umpire and a match commissioner,” he said.

According to Martey, his request elicited a baffling response.

“Baffour shouted at me and said, ‘My friend, shut up and continue with the match.’ I was surprised by his reaction so I asked why he would speak to me in that tone, because I can even decide not to continue playing and there would be nothing wrong with that.

“Dragged” back

“I told him I needed to take a water break because tennis is not a game of emotions and things were pretty heated by that time. So I needed to cool off.

“But Baffuor left his umpire chair and came to drag me back on to the court. When I resisted he hit me.

“When I complained, Gyan came around and hit me, too, even though people around tried to separate us,” he said.

Gideon Martey has since filed a case at the Cantonments Police Station in Accra.

Although his medical report from the 37 Military Hospital shows that he suffered no physical injury, he says the incident has left him in “shock”.

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