Leveraging Technology for Improved Living – Jumia Shows the Way

The rapid digital transformation that has taken place over the last two decades presents humanity with both opportunities and challenges.

The challenges have been many but the opportunities have far out-weighed the obstacles. Vast opportunities presented by modern technology exist in health, communication, education, transport, and even in the world of trading.

Whereas Africa as a continent has been generally slow in deploying modern technology to transform its economy and improve the lives of its people compared to its Western and Eastern counterparts, some businesses operating on the continent have been quick to tap into technology and deploy same to improve people’s living standards. One such company, an e-commerce giant operating in 14 countries across the continent including Ghana, is Jumia. Jumia has been at the forefront of changing people’s lives through the power of modern technology.

Jumia’s steady growth and gradual acceptance as a household name in e-commerce in Ghana has been driven largely by its deliberate utilization of modern technology. The company has revolutionized trading from the traditional brick-and-mortar business, to one delivered seamlessly in the virtual space. This has not only brought convenience and easy access to millions of products to the homes of Ghanaians, but has also led to increased growth in the businesses of hundreds of Ghanaian business operators who trade on the platform. One such modern technological tool that has brought convenience to both the customer and the vendor is the Jumia mobile app.

Without doubt, the mobile app remains one of the biggest boosts to the growth of e-commerce in Ghana. It has practically transformed online shopping in the country with its easy-to-use features and the convenience it presents to users. The Jumia Mobile app, the most convenient way to shop on online, has offered a big boost to doing business on the platform and accounts for over 30 percent of all transactions. For users, the Jumia mobile app offers a better shopping experience, as user experience is optimized and the app remarkably reduces the time customers spend in assessing the platform and making purchases.

“The creation of the Jumia mobile app and the benefits it offers to our clients and customers underpin the very essence of our existence – to provide accessibility to millions of products for the needs of every Ghanaian,” says Ore Odusanya, the Country Manager for Jumia Ghana. “The mobile app is an invaluable tool for our customers, as it has greatly improved the level of accessibility to products on our platform.”

Ore’s statement is given even more weight by the account of Yaw Sakyi, a Jumia customer based in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital. “These days, I make all my shopping on the Jumia app in the comfort of my room,” says Sakyi. “Prior to that, I had to either go to a café to place orders or do my shopping in town and that was always inconvenient for me as I had to walk around quite a lot,” he adds.

Maxwell Konadu, also a Jumia customer, believes the instant access he has to products online makes using the app worthwhile. “I have come to realize that using the app saves time and data,” he says. “For me, it is quick and easy to use and that is why I always make my purchases on Jumia via the mobile app,” he adds.

The Jumia mobile app, without doubt, has contributed immensely in availing Jumia’s extensive range of products to millions of Ghanaians including those in the rural areas; where internet cafés are non-existent and people’s only access to the internet is through their phones.  

In cementing and reinforcing the leadership status of the Jumia brand in the e-commerce sector in Ghana, the Jumia mobile app can be counted as one of the most important tools that have contributed to the success story.    

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Henry Cobblah

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