#SafeMotorway4All: We might use local and foreign contractors to fix Tema Motorway, says Roads Minister

According to Kwasi Amoako-Attah, the approach will help maximise resources and expertise while ensuring timely completion of road infrastructure projects

The Minister of Roads and Highways, Kwasi Amoako-Attah, has said his office is open to considering the possibility of using both local and foreign contractors to reconstruct the Accra-Tema Motorway.

According to him, the approach will help maximise resources and expertise while ensuring timely completion of road infrastructure projects.

Speaking to reporters during an inspection exercise of the Borteyman-Motorway road, the Roads Minister highlighted how urgent it is to address the state of the motorway network, which has been a cause for concern among residents and commuters.

“We want the best and wherever we have to join both local and foreign contractors we will consider it,” Amoako-Attah said.

“Just like playing the organ, the white keys alone can give you good music, so can the black keys but if you want melodious music you combine the two.”

He acknowledged that local contractors might not possess all the necessary resources and expertise required for such a large-scale undertaking, hence the idea of collaborating with foreign contractors.

The proposed merger would allow the ministry to tap in to the specialised knowledge and experience of international contractors, while benefiting from the local contractors’ familiarity with the country’s unique road conditions and regulations.

By combining their strengths, the ministry aims to create a synergy that can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of motorway repairs.

Preliminary stages

However, the proposed merger is still in the preliminary stages of consideration and further evaluation will be necessary before any concrete steps are taken. The ministry will engage in consultations with stakeholders, including industry experts, to assess the feasibility and potential benefits of such a collaboration.

If implemented, the merging of local and foreign contractors could mark a significant turning point in efforts to revitalise Ghana’s motorway network. With the combined expertise and resources, it is hoped that repairs and maintenance projects can be completed efficiently, leading to improved road conditions and enhanced safety for all motorists.

As the ministry advances its evaluation process, citizens and stakeholders eagerly await updates on the potential collaboration, anticipating positive outcomes that will bring about lasting improvements to the nation’s vital road infrastructure.

Five lanes each way

When complete, the project will open five lanes on either side of the main Accra-Tema Motorway and six lanes each on the Tetteh Quarshie-Apenkwa section of the road.

It will have a two-lane dual carriageway for the freeway and a three-lane dual carriageway for the urban highway.

The freeway will retain its concrete surfacing and the urban highway will be in asphaltic concrete with paved shoulders.

The concrete Accra-Tema Motorway opened to traffic on 30 November 1965 to link the harbour city of Tema to the capital.

Reporting by Caleb Ahinakwah in Accra

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