We’re training our athletes the wrong way – GOC boss warns

President of the Ghana Olympic Committee, Ben Nunoo-Mensah wants African Federations to adopt a more scientific approach in training athletes.

Speaking at the recent 2023 Afro-Sports Summit, Ben Nunoo-Mensah noted that the absence of this, is why African athletes are not competitive.

”African athletes are very good. They are skillful, they are talented, but lack of education, good nutrition, and scientific training rob us of medals during international events, and this is my worry.”

” We can do it just like most people are doing it outside our continent. It is a fact that almost all the top and best athletes in the world are Africans by way of their DNA.” he said

”Think about them talk about Usain Bolt’s check their DNA, they are Africans, all the great stars in the US. There are all Africans, Africa needs to take advantage of that DNA fact, which is scientifically true, and create strong business and marketing brands for the continent.” Nunoo-Mensah concluded.

Ben Nunno-Mensah was a guest speaker the 2023 Afro-Sports Summit. The event assembles major sports stakeholders to discuss modern trends in sports administration, marketing and sports science.

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