AllAfrica joins forces with Ubuntu Tribe to unveil the revolutionary “Ubuntuverse”

"Ubuntuverse" is a state-of-the-art metaverse platform designed to bridge cultures, accelerate education and technological engagement in Africa

The 2024 edition of the AllAfrica Media Leaders’ Summit, May 8-10 in Nairobi, Kenya, will feature innovations to leverage the ever-changing media landscape revolutionized by emerging technologies like a digital approach to public debate, innovations from the Newsroom Innovation Youth Challenge, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and a specialized metaverse from Ubuntu Tribe.

During this pivotal event, AllAfrica and technology pioneer Ubuntu Tribe will introduce the “Ubuntuverse,” a state-of-the-art metaverse platform designed to bridge cultures and accelerate educational and technological engagement across Africa. This partnership marks a significant milestone in digital media and technological integration, fostering a new era of innovation and connectivity.

Founder and CEO of Ubuntu Tribe, Mamadou Kwidjim Toure, “We are thrilled to partner with AllAfrica to present the Ubuntuverse at this year’s summit. This collaboration is more than a technological venture; it’s a cultural bridge. The Ubuntuverse is designed to foster a community that thrives on mutual respect and collective progress, using technology to empower and unite.”

Dr. Tendai Mhizha, AllAfrica Senior Advisor said  “The partnership with Ubuntu Tribe comes at a crucial time. As we tackle the challenges of misinformation in our digital age, the connected technologies we are showcasing, especially the Ubuntuverse, provide transformative tools for factual reporting and cultural exchange. This is a leap forward in our mission to inform and empower.”

Amadou Mahtar Ba, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of AllAfrica added “ As technologies become more and more available and impact progress in Africa, it is crucial for media leaders to experiment and  understand  the positive changes these innovation can bring to the continent and how their industry will be hugely transformed. The partenship with Ubuntu Tribe marks a significant step towards mobilizing new technologies and funding for media in Africa.”

Ubuntu Tribe backed by 500 Global leading Silicon Valley VC Firm, is a global pioneer, continuing to break new ground in the realm of Real World Asset Tokenization of resources and assets. One of the first to launch GIFT (Gold International Fungible Token) backed 1:1 by real gold and made available from 1mg, as well as Utribe Wallet, hosting GIFT and future Real World Assets, currently available on AppStore and Googleplay.

As a leading innovator and technology partner featuring The Ubuntuverse at this year’s AllAfrica Summit, it represents the next step in the journey—creating immersive, interactive platforms where innovation in technology like AI and blockchain enhances the understanding of the world to unify communities and information in a new era. This approach aligns seamlessly with Ubuntu Tribe’s mission of shared prosperity and financial inclusion through accessible, blockchain and AI-powered asset classes.


AllAfrica is a voice of, by, and about Africa – aggregating, producing, and distributing news and information in English and French languages from over 130 African news organizations and its reporters to an African and global public.

AllAfrica operates the largest online platform dedicated solely to Africa-related news and information and is the only news site with truly Pan-African reach. AllAfrica’s multi-channel platform is the only independent, comprehensive pan-African news source, with unrivalled reach and reputation.

AllAfrica is the go-to one-stop digital platform for African and African-interested ‘influentials’ across the continent and throughout the world.

Ubuntu Tribe LLC

Ubuntu Tribe LLC is revolutionizing the financial landscape by providing universal access to tokenized natural resources. Starting with gold, their platform offers secure, blockchain-powered investment products that represent real-world assets.

Their approach integrates ethical sourcing with innovative technology, fostering economic empowerment and environmental stewardship globally. Ubuntu Tribe is not only pioneering in decentralized finance but also driving the new frontier in Real World Asset Tokenization, offering transformative solutions for a more equitable world.

Reporting by Wilberforce Asare in Accra

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