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OPINION: You are not the gatekeeper of Bawumia’s destiny

P K Sarpong asks: Where from this blasphemous idea of yours that you have the ability to prevent Dr Bawumia from becoming president?

Dear Osofo Kofi Amponsah — If you are gifted with the powers to determine the destinies of individuals, including our vice-president, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, then you might as well be in possession of powers to do any other thing under the sun.

If you have the power and authority to play God, you might as well tell us what the heavens hold in stock for all of us.

If you think the destiny of Dr Mahamudu Bawumia is in your hands and can choose to do anything you please with it, then fly into the skies above, suspend yourself there for us to see.

Where from this blasphemous mindset of yours of having the ability to prevent Dr Bawumia from becoming Ghana’s president?

You are saying that not until you die, Dr Bawumia can never become president. Do you even know when God will invite you to rest with your ancestors? You are not challenging Bawumia, you are challenging God Himself.

You are not God, Osofo. You are not an angel of God. You don’t even qualify to be called a saint, let alone God Himself!

Who are you to fight God? Are you Israel (Jacob) of biblical fame? You don’t count at all in the arena of the Bible.

Go and determine the destinies of your children first! Do you even know your ultimate destiny to profess to have in your hands that of Dr Bawumia?

You are not in any position to determine whether Dr Bawumia will be president or not. You can’t even control the destinies of your immediate family members.

Did you realise that the absurd nature of your nonsensical rantings did not even amuse your church members? They disagree with you!

This is not any prophecy coming from God through you. It is your own hostility towards the Vice President who has done nothing to you that informed your outrageous outbursts.

Go and ask Osofo Emmanuel Badu Kobi who said that Akufo-Addo would never be president in Ghana and that he was never born to occupy that position. God put Badu Kobi to shame. God will put you to shame as well.

Your statement was not of God but your own personal vendetta against some people who do not represent Bawumia.

When God created Bawumia and fashioned his destiny, He did not make you a guarantor of the fulfillment of the destiny of the man who will soon ascend the throne of Ghana’s Presidency. He did not make you the gatekeeper of Dr. Bawumia’s destiny.

You are simply not God! You are just like all of us. Men of God far greater than you who are no more did not control their own destinies, let alone those of other individuals.

You are a mere mortal, flesh and blood, just like the rest of us. Even your own destiny lies in the hands of the Creator, not you! Your hatred-induced pronouncement will never come to pass. God is the determinant of human destinies, not you or any other individual for that matter.

P K Sarpong

The author of this article writes the column “Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place”

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