Ya Naa kicks police commander out of Yendi

The police commander is said to have shown gross disrespect and gone against the Ya Naa’s advice by ordering the arrest of two sub-chiefs

Ya Naa Abukari Mahama II has kicked out the Divisional Commander of Police in Yendi township.

The move comes after the police commander, Peter Ayirezang, allegedly disrespected the overlord of the Dagon kingdom.

The Ya Naa is said to have asked the police chief to leave the town with immediate effect following the fallout.

“The overlord gave a command around 5pm [on Saturday] that the behaviour of the divisional commander looks odd and very disrespectful to the overlord of Yendi and so he should leave Yendi before 7pm,” a former member of the Yendi Municipal Assembly, Abu Zolge, told the Accra-based Citi FM.

“So, the youth came out in their numbers and asked him to obey the order given by the overlord of Dagbon.

“The BNI director, the crime officer and the district commander all came to the Palace to plead but the plea was refused. So around 6.30am he [the divisional commander] left Yendi.”

Refused to drop case

Explaining what led to the “expulsion” of Commander Ayirezang, Zolge said the Ya Naa had settled a dispute between two of his sub-chiefs in the Tatale area.

According to him, the police commander still invited the sub-chiefs to help with further investigations.

Upon hearing of the development, the Dagbon overlord sent a representative to inform the commander that the issue had already been solved by his palace.

However, Zolge said, Commander Ayirezang refused to drop the case and rather ordered the arrest of the two sub-chiefs.

This reportedly infuriated the Ya Naa, who in turn ordered the commander to leave the town with immediate effect, citing his “disrespect”.

Commander to be reposted

Meanwhile, Commander Ayirezang has confirmed that he has left Yendi following the Ya Naa’s orders.

He said he had moved temporarily to Tamale, from where he would proceed to Accra.

The police chief also disclosed that his superiors have already put plans in motion to ensure that he is reposted to another town.

“I have left Yendi because if you are with someone and he says he can’t work with you, what can you do?” Commander Ayirezang told Citi News.

“I am in Tamale en route to Accra; I will go to Accra tomorrow. I have reported to the administration and they have recalled me.”

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