The impact of Ghana’s new Government on Travel & Tourism

Quite recently, Ghana experienced a smooth transition from the 4th President to the 5th President of the 4th Republic. This implies a new Government with new Government officials. With such a peaceful transition comes greater expectations and many changes. The impacts of these changes will go a long way to determine the future of this rich and industrious West African Nation. With a key interest in Travel & Tourism industry, Jumia Travel takes a quick look at the impact that this change of Government will have on the industry.

Change in policies and/or strategies – Usually, there are guidelines and policies that regulate the running of bodies in charge of such industries. The Ministry of Tourism and the Ghana tourism Authority often have blueprints that they should follow. Strategic plans may have been established and a new Government may only adapt it or make a few changes to make their work easier or better. However, in order to cause a positive change, a new Government needs to align its new policies with the already existing policies. With great strategies in play, the nation may benefit from a booming industry since the industry has great potential and is a major contributor of the country’s GDP. Also, certain policies such as foreign investor policies, travel/visa regulations among others may influence the decision of travelers as to either making Ghana a preferred travel destination or otherwise.

Change in personnel – With a new government also comes drastic changes in personnel. With new Ministerial appointments, board appointments and other ambassadorial appointments, there are many individual facets that may influence this industry. For instance, a tourism ambassador may have a whole different network and may reach a different kind of group or market. The concentration on certain areas to boost travel and tourism may also be different. The changes in personnel will also mean a decrease in unemployment rate with more people being absorbed into new areas created by the establishment of boards, committees and a revamp in the industry through rebuilding, renovation and restructuring of tourist sites and transportation outlets.

Renewed confidence of travelers – Prior to the elections, there may have been a small but hidden lack of confidence from international travelers into the country. This may be due to a general sense of tension although Ghana has a proven track record of peaceful elections and transition. After the successful election and change of government, many travelers may now be at ease to travel freely into the country while business travelers will also have renewed confidence about the risks involved in doing business here. Normal life resumes.

An obligation to do more – With the whole country yearning for change, this change in government only paves the way for a win-win situation. The new government has a responsibility to do more and improve on all the great things the old government worked on. This means a vast improvement in the travel and tourism industry with better policies, logistics, personnel, infrastructure and service. The new government is definitely on it’s toes because they are being held accountable by the whole country and this works well for development.

New business opportunities – When a new government assumes office, there are new partnerships formed, new treaties signed, new business relationship built with other countries and organizations. This paves way for many investors and individuals to access the many opportunities available in the country. New business opportunities emerge, and many travelers rush down to get a piece of this ‘’new cake’’ before it runs out. This has a positive effect on the travel and tourism industry with the number of foreign visitors increasing, hotel reservations increasing and the number of tourist visitors also increasing.

Credit: Bennet Otoo, Jumia Travel

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